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Show Him You Care

As we’ve seen in history, traditional roles blur and can even get exchanged. There’s no longer any such thing as “women’s or men’s work.” Long gone are the days when Mom stayed home and took care of all the myriad, difficult, time-con­suming household obligations, as well as the many demands of child raising, while Dad fo­cused on career and bringing home as much bacon as possible, played with the kids a little when he got home, and had the role of disciplinarian and boss of the house.

And while we know many women friends who would love to be able to focus on family 100% and have a hard time keeping up with all those home-related chores, as well as creating beautiful childhood memories, the reality is most households need at least two working adult salaries to make ends meet. As more mothers have gotten jobs outside the home, fathers have taken on greater roles in the home. And so, as fathers have (hopefully) taken on more of the household jobs, they’ve also gained greater involvement with the kids – helping with homework, taking them to games, doctor’s appointments, supervising play­time, cooking, cleaning, and hopefully teaching the kids how to pitch in, and eventually do for themselves. Not to mention the traditional “Dad jobs” that may remain, like teaching driving, eval­uating dates, keeping the kids out of trouble, deal­ing with minor infractions before they turn into big ones, and a million more child-raising duties and pleasures.

Some of us grew up with Mom handling all the home affairs as well as children’s routines and necessities, along with fun times during the week. Some of us did not. Every family does things their own way. But one thing all parents aim to do is take the best possible care of their children. And so they deserve for us to show appreciation! This Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19, send a card, make a call, pick up a thoughtful gift, wash the car, or cook or take them out for a fine meal, or baseball game, or anything else you know he’d enjoy. Even a small token of appreciation is better than ignoring him on this holiday. We are pretty sure even the most stoic or hardboiled guy would no­tice.

Don’t forget all the father figures as well! We at the Gazette acknowledge all those parental fig­ures who step in to raise the children. They often either fill in the gaps of our fathers, or step into the role entirely. We hope everyone shows love to their caring grandfathers, godfathers, uncles, step­fathers, mentors, even older brothers (no, seri­ously!). We also can send loving thoughts to our Dads in Heaven. We believe they know we miss them, and are watching over us, until we meet again.

We all know every day is Kids’ Day, but our holidays for parents are only once a year. And though there is nothing stopping us from showing appreciation to them every day, at the very least, we urge everyone to make the day sweet for them. They deserve it!

We wish all you Dads of every kind a Happy Father’s Day!

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