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Raise The American Flag With Respect & Pride

June 14 is Flag Day commemorating the day our flag was created, just one year after our country was officially born, in 1777. Not a lot of fanfare surrounds the holiday, but we believe it is very important and al­ways try to write an editorial each year to encourage acknowledgment of the day.

The American Flag is the symbol of our country, and as such it should be regarded with the utmost respect and pride. And Love. The United States of America is our home and America is us. We are a family – a people – despite our diverse roots. (Ac­tually every country around the world is composed of a diverse stock of people. The human race has been migrating throughout its history and prehistory – due to resources becoming scarce, invasion, war, wander­lust, many reasons.)

People sometimes complain about our country, when they disagree with political and/or social trends and policies, and they may well be justified, after all, who or what is perfect? But while we can and should work towards a better life for us all, dis­agreement does not have to mean disre­spect or disloyalty. Patriotism is not unquestioning obedience, as in “my coun­try right or wrong,” nor is patriotism the same as aggressive militarism. Patriotism is supporting our country, and working to make it stronger and healthier. Everyone knows division is weakness. Therefore we must encourage others, as well as our chil­dren by demonstrating our support and unity behind the flag, a symbol of our na­tion. A great way to do that is to erect the American Flag wherever we can. A small flag on our desk, a pin on a suitably clean and neat outfit, a large flag on a flagpole in front of our homes, businesses, schools, churches, temples or other organizations give us something to unite behind.

If we truly love our country (as well as our families, neighbors, and ourselves) we will work to make it strong – economically, politically, and socially, as well as uphold its democratic ideals of equality, freedom and justice for all, which are beautiful con­cepts indicative of an advanced civilization. We must strive for and preserve equal op­portunity and representation, which in turn will encourage an even greater appreciation of the land we love. This Tuesday, June 14 – and Every Day – we hope everyone will raise the American Flag, high and proud. God bless America!

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