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Plans Filed to Bulldoze LIC Ferry Terminal for New Dock


The New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has filed plans to demolish an existing ferry terminal at Hunters Point South to make way for a new, floating dock near the Oval, the EDC said.

The EDC filed demolition permits on October 18th that call for a floating dock at the front of the boardwalk, parallel to an outdoor dining area near the Oval.

The new terminal would accommodate the simultaneous operation of two ferries at the site, expanding current operations of just one ferry at a time, the agency said. Plans also call for the construction of a large ferry barge approximately 100-feet from the boardwalk that would accommodate docking of the two boats, along with a concrete platform adjacent to the boardwalk and a long gangway (footbridge) that would connect the platform with the floating barge.

The city has approved $12.2 million in funding for the project, which could be completed by 2023, if approved.

The new terminal would be able to accommodate vessels carrying more than double the number of passengers, the EDC said. The existing dock can accommodate ferries carrying 150 passengers, while the new dock would be able to accommodate up to 350 passengers, the agency said.

The expanded terminal is necessary because weekday ridership has increased more than 40 per cent and weekend ridership is up by 25 per cent in the last year, the EDC said.

EDC said the site of the proposed terminal was decided in consultation with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and in consideration of road and rail tunnels that run under the site.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said approval of a permit would be based on factors including economics. Aesthetics, environmental concerns, fish and wildlife values and the needs and welfare of the community.





The plans must be approved by DPR before they can be submitted to Community Board 2 for approval. They will then be presented to

the Public Design Commission (PDC) for approval, EDC said.

The EDC welcomes any input from the public and community organizations on the plans. All public comments regarding the permit application must be in writing, emailed to www.robert.t.vietri@usace.army.mil


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