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NY State, City Officials Offer Help to Quit Smoking, Vaping

State and city health officials are reaching out to New Yorkers who smoke or vape, outlining options, local programs and resources to help them quit the habit.

“If you smoke, quitting is the most important thing you can do for your health,” officials at the New York City Department of Health said. “If you vape (use e-cigarettes), quitting can protect your lung health.”

Quitting will also help you save money and protect family and friends from secondhand smoke or aerosol,” health officials said.

  • To talk to a “quit coach.” Visit the New York State Smokers Quitline at: www.nysmokefree.com or call 1-866-NY-QUITS

(866-697-8487). Most adults will qualify for a free starter kit of      nicotine medications such as patches and lozenges, health officials said.

  • Teens and young adults (ages 13-to-24) can text DROPTHEVAP to: 88709 to join Truth Initiatives’ “This is Quitting,’ a free, confidential text message program specially designed to help them quit vaping and stay vape-free, officials said.
  • For more information on Truth Initiatives’ programs, including family support programs, visit truthinitiative.org/about-this-is-quitting.
  • If you know someone who smokes or vapes, ask them if there is anything they want to change about the habit. No matter what their goals are, support programs are available 24/7, officials said.
  • If they are ready to quit, share this information with them.
  • If they are not ready to quit, treatment options are available especially if they are trying to cut back or stay smoke-free where smoking is not allowed, officials said. Visit nyc.gov/health and search for nicotine withdrawal.

Remember, secondhand smoke is harmful and living with it can be hard, officials said. To learn about secondhand smoke and rules for buildings in New York City, visit: www.nyc.gov/health and search for smoke-free housing.

“Medication and coaching support can double your chances of quitting or vaping successfully, even if you have tried in the past,” health officials said.

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