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J.J. Garden’s dining room has re-opened after two years of lockdown and take-out only dining. Your hosts Jessica and Jerry welcome you back to their renovated dining room with its modern, bright décor, still retaining the crisp, white linen tablecloths and hot tea service that make dining here so special. The private party room in the back is open too and is the perfect venue for a business or family lunch or dinner, with capacity for 25-30 guests.

Now that the dining room is open, so is the bar, and Jerry will mix up one of his famous, festive cocktails festooned with umbrellas, or serve you a frosty beer or glass of wine. Even the menus are new, and you’ll start with some of J.J.’s tempting appetizers, such as BBQ honey spareribs, boneless spareribs, or fried chicken wings. A variety of Dim Sum dumplings and spring rolls are on hand such as pork sui mai, crystal shrimp dumplings, juicy little pork buns, shrimp egg rolls, scallion pancakes, or cold noodles with sesame sauce, all meant to be passed around the table, chop sticks in hand! We loved the spicy Szechuan style wontons, filled with pork and topped with zesty sesame sauce. Hot soups include noodles and roast pork, vegetables, J.J.’s seafood noodle soup, and classic hot and sour or wonton soup.



J.J. Garden offers authentic, regional Chinese cuisine, made to order with fresh ingredients and vegetable oil…never salty or greasy. Go for the Chef’s Specialties for their unique flavor combinations. Black pepper steak is a juicy T-bone, cooked to order in special black pepper sauce. Happy Family is one of my favorites, a combination of plump shrimp, juicy roast pork, beef, chicken, and lobster; this family gets along very well with a side of brown or white rice ($21.95). “Dragon and Phoenix” places deep-fried chunks of chicken in General Tso’s tangy sauce alongside shrimp with chili sauce for a nice kick. Peking style pork chops are tender and flavorful, and a traditional Peking Duck can be ordered in advance for a special meal. Treat yourself to lobster, any style, or fish filet in spicy sauce.

Juicy scallops are swiftly prepared with broccoli, mixed vegetables, salt and pepper style, garlic sauce, or black bean sauce which is perfect over fluffy white rice. Shrimp with curry sauce or chili sauce are popular dishes and there are over a dozen shrimp dishes to choose from, such as sweet and sour shrimp, shrimp with garlic sauce, salt and pepper shrimp, and Moo Shu shrimp that gets rolled up into warm pancakes for a handy treat. Spicy Hunan shrimp and Kung Po shrimp have exotic flavors and tender calamari can be prepared with the same delicious sauces.

If you feel like meat, J.J. has all your favorite beef and pork dishes. From beef and broccoli to Szechuan shredded beef, or beef with black mushrooms and bamboo shoots, it’s always tender and delicious. Shredded pork with string beans and garlic sauce and double sauteed, sliced pork taste great spooned over white rice. All dishes at J.J. Garden are generously sized and artfully presented on sparkling white plates with accompanying sauces. The polite, well-dressed waiters swiftly clear your dishes and refill your tea in between delectable courses.

Oodles of noodles are on the menu, of all sizes such as thin mei fun noodles, lo mein, spaghetti type noodles, and wide chow fun noodles, all cooked with your choice of chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, or lots of vegetables. A spa menu features light dishes without oil, cornstarch, or salt, for the health-conscious or restricted diets. “American Buddhist Delight” is a colorful mixture of snow peas, black mushrooms, bean curd, eggplant, carrots, baby corn, and zucchini. “Cloud Around The Moon” combines jumbo shrimp, scallops, and fish fillet with broccoli, snow peas, and string beans for a light and tasty meal.

Order take-out by calling J.J. Garden directly or from their website which features photos that will make your mouth water. Put it all in your shopping cart and get free delivery with $10 minimum order. Lunch specials are available Monday to Friday from 11am to 3:30pm and for less than $9 you’ll get a choice of soup, entrée, and white rice. Combination platters come with entrée, pork egg roll, and roast pork fried rice for under $12. Let J.J. Garden cater your next party or event at your location or in their private dining room.

In-house dining is back at the renovated dining room at J.J. Garden! With authentic, regional Chinese cuisine, a full bar, great service, and plenty of free parking, visit J.J. Garden and enjoy a sit-down feast with family and friends.

75-21 31st Avenue
Jackson Heights – 718.898.6686


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