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Happy Easter! Time For Baskets & Bunnies

This year, Easter Sunday falls on March 31, much earlier than Greek/Eastern Or­thodox Easter and Passover, both of which we’ll be acknowledging in later editorials, as the celebrations approach. The differing dates are due to the use of different calen­dars, but despite that, they are all impor­tant holidays – and annual harbingers of Spring!

Western Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. We are wondering if the in with the moon may make Easter a more accurate predictor of the new season the equinox alone? In any case, we enjoy all the fanfare, springtime symbol­ism

– and real – flowers, baby chicks, bun­nies, pups, kittens, buds and blooms popping up everywhere in a glorious riot of life and color; and the arts & crafts proj­ects involving decorated eggs, from using construction paper and crayons, or food coloring on real eggs, to gold and gems, and everything in between. But mostly what we see are bunnies and eggs, al­though the two don’t naturally occur to­gether as rabbits are mammals and don’t lay eggs, but that won’t stop the creative depiction of life reawakening once again after the dark, cold hibernation of so much of life in our northern latitudes.

While humans don’t slumber through the winter (wish we could!), we do expe­rience a slowing down, lessening of en­ergy, a time of introspection, and longer sleep requirements for many in the winter. The longer hours of darkness helps make that happen physically, as we are biologi­cal beings subject to the laws of nature, in­teractions between our bodies and minds with sunlight, a more intense appetite to put on our “winter fat,” and probably other biochemical and hormonal effects.

Aside from seasonal effects, Easter is a time for gathering together in worship and feasting, singing, egg-hunts and bestowing gifts of cream-filled spherical, chocolate-covered marshmallow ovals, and jelly­beans, all symbolizing eggs, which are nature’s sign of baby birds about to hatch and immediately start hopping around.

They are all signs of life reemerging, also reflected in Christianity’s celebration of the Resurrection of Christ after being crucified three days before on Good Fri­day, the most solemn of Christian holi­days.

Jesus was called the Lamb of God, as it was usually lambs that were sacrificed in ancient days, as a show of devotion to and faith in God. Jesus was God made manifest as a human, one of us, who chose to make the supreme sacrifice as the ulti­mate example of selfless love, and some would say Jesus living among us as a human showed us there’s a piece of God within each of us. We believe that spirit of egolessness and love and forgiveness of others was the path to salvation for human­ity.

We hope everyone can make the most of this joyous celebration, together with loved ones, and lots of goodies to share. We wish everyone a Happy and blessed Easter!

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