It’s In Queens! (Sept. 23 to Sept. 29)

Some things get better with age. A playwright who drove a taxi for 40 years, for example, and now does hilarious comedy. A musical from the 1830s. A dance festival that’s heading for its teen years. Come to think of it, Queens keeps getting better with age, too. Sept. 23, Off the Meter, On the Record, Sept. 25. Middle Village […]

I On Politics

OFFICIALS ADDRESS FLOODING: U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-Queens), Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Queens) and Councilwoman Lynn Schulman (D-Queens) issued the following statement on Tuesday, Sept. 13 following the flooding that occurred in Queens that morning: “Once again, Queens is forced to endure flooding as a result of heavy rainfall, just nearly two weeks after the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Ida devastating […]

2022-09-21 E-Edition

Little Amal Receives Love In Queens

As part of Little Amal Walks NYC, Little Amal, the giant puppet de­picting a 10-year-old girl from war-torn Syria, was welcomed to Astoria by a lantern- bearing crowd of cele­brants on the evening of Wednes­day, September 14. This was the first leg of her NYC appearances. Little Amal will make more ap­pearances today, September 21, in Corona and Jackson Heights. […]

Mayor Announces $35M For QueensWay, Phase One

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced on September 15 a $35 million investment for design and construction of the Metropolitan Hub (Met Hub) in Queens — phase one of a new multi-phase greenway and park project called QueensWay. This phase of the project will transform a vacant, city-owned corridor in Forest Hills into a five-acre park with 0.7 miles […]

The 21st Anniversary 9/11 ‘Candlelight Memorial Of Music’

The United Community Civic Association held its “Candlelight Memorial of Music” on Monday, September 12, at McManus Me­morial Park (81st Street and Dit­mars Blvd.) to remember, glorify, and celebrate with song and prayer the thousands of innocent souls lost on September 11, 2001. This was the 21st Anniversary commemora­tion. The event is hosted annually by the United Community Civic As­sociation […]

L’Shanah Tovah!

Though it is thought of as the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah is not actually the beginning of the Jewish calendar. It occurs in the seventh month of the Jewish calendar, Tishrei, when God created the world, according to Judaism. In the secu­lar calendar, it will take place on Septem­ber 26. Yom Kippur always takes place 10 days later, this […]

The QueensWay Park Project

The recently announced QueensWay Park project will be a benefit compared to the abandoned railroad track that exists today which some have called an eyesore and a blight, non-productive and a waste of space. In comparison, the QueensWay Park project is a blessing, providing much-needed parkland to an area that is sorely lacking in the latter. The area residents have […]

Letters To The Editor

9/ 11 Memorial For All To The Editor: RoseMarie Poveromo does such a won­derful job each year with the 9/11 Com­memoration. (The United Community Civic Association’s Candlelight “Memorial of Music” held on Monday, September 12.) It gladdens my heart to see all who still attend. As you know I rarely am political. However the issue of the human remains is […]

Frank Sinatra School Welcomes Incoming Classes

The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School (35-12 35th Avenue in Astoria) has an inspiring and artistic presentation at the front door of the school. The school was created by the huge influence and financial contributions from Tony Bennett, a famous Astorian. FSSA opened the school year in celebration of their four classes, as can be seen in […]