2021-06-16 E-Edition

Central Astoria LDC’s Movies, Concerts, Cultural Events

After more than a year of hosting virtual and pop-up events, Central Astoria LDC was back with live events in Astoria Park and the Dutch Kills Playground. Thursday night featured a double header concert in Astoria Park with superb performances by SundayGirl and BonJourneyNY. The beautiful weather and great performances energized the crowd who was ecstatic to be back mingling […]

Corey Johnson

I On Politics

  APPLY NOW FOR $800M SMALL BIZ RECOVERY GRANTS: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced on June 10 that applications are now open for the $800 million COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program. The program reimburses New York small businesses with grants of up to $50,000 for COVID-related expenses incurred between March 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021. Grants will […]

The Primary Election – And What Concerns NY’ers Most

Early voting for citywide offices continues through June 20, concluding on Primary Day Tuesday, June 22, to determine which candidates for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, City Council and borough president go on the ballet for the November general election – using ranked choice voting for the first time in a citywide election. In a Spectrum News NY1/Ipsos NYC Mayoral Primary […]

Vote In The Primaries – It Is Important!

Who would rather have less choices? Who would rather have others determine a smaller pool for you to choose from? Like when parents offer their kids their own “choice” between spinach or broccoli! Yay. Or “nay”? It’s a smart strategy for parents to get their kids to eat what’s good for them. But voters are not children, and are capable […]

Congratulations Graduates – And Those Who Helped Them!

It’s that time of year when college and high school seniors, along with eighth graders, are getting ready to celebrate the completion of a major chapter in their school lives. Even kindergartners have ceremonies celebrating their achievements now – it is called “Step-Up.” And they deserve the acknowledgement. It’s not easy going from the comfy confines of home and family […]

Life With Father

Being a parent involves no end of sacrifice. Though gladly made by most parents, they are sacrifices nonetheless. Children are costly – in money, time and energy. They also need adults to give of themselves, and to also be interested in what the children think, feel, care about, and want to learn about. A father’s love gives a sense of […]

Letters to the Editor

Supporting The LGBTQ+ Community To The Editor: It’s June, and that means a few things: school’s out for the summer, the weather is warming up, and most importantly, it’s Pride Month! I’m excited to celebrate all the progress the LGBTQ+ community has made while continuing our shared fight for equal protection under the law. I have fought alongside the LGBTQ+ […]

Engineering First; Politics Second

I wish I could say that that’s the way traffic issues are handled in NYC, but I would be lying. It used to be that way; the DOT had the most control over all transportation issues and used real data and engineering to achieve workable, common-sense solutions. They weren’t always roundly appreciated, but, as we say in our post-COVID world, […]