It’s In Queens! (Nov. 27 to Dec. 3)

Queens relaxes on Thanksgiving Day, but then hits the following days hard with detox dance, jazz, comedy, painting lessons, historic tours, and crisis management.   Nov. 27, Detox Dance Classes, 1 pm. Queensboro Dance Festival streams four free, live, 60-minutes classes to help people recover from Thanksgiving Day excess. On this day, it’s Traditional West African Dance (1 pm), Bellydance […]

2020-11-25 E-Edition

Local Support

Queens Together, a restaurant advocacy and community service group launched in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, joined elected officials and community leaders to support local cultural institutions, shops, and restaurants in the Kaufman Arts District (KAD) for a press conference to highlight the district, and the “KAD Passport.” Through the creation of the KAD Passport, an online guide to […]

I On Politics

NIH TO INCREASE TRANSPARENCY ON DRUG AND VACCINE PATENTS: “We all rely on innovative drugs and therapies, but taxpayers are not getting a fair return on their investment. This report shows there is a lot the government can do to protect and strengthen the publicly owned intellectual property that goes into drug development. I am pleased HHS has agreed to […]

First Black Mayor, David N. Dinkins, 93, Dies

New York’s former Mayor, David N. Dinkins died on Monday, November 23. He was the city’s first Black mayor. His wife, Joyce, had just passed away a few weeks earlier. New York, which he praised as a “gorgeous mosaic” in his inauguration, was already beset by racial unrest, crack, AIDS, and homelessness. The recession and crime soared during his administration, […]

Katz Files To Vacate Murder Conviction In Ravenswood Stabbing

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz announced on November 19 that she has filed a joint motion with the defense to vacate the murder conviction of Ernest “Jaythan” Kendrick, who has been incarcerated for nearly 26 years. This motion is based on newly discovered witnesses and the results of agreed-upon DNA analysis, which contradict significant aspects of the evidence used during […]

Access And Restoration Around The Dutch Kills Tributary

Newtown Creek Alliance (NCA) announced a matching fund campaign to help support the development of the Dutch Kills Loop project, a proposed 2- mile circuit of potential open space and waterfront access in Long Island City. Centered around the Dutch Kills tributary of Newtown Creek, the project aims to create a functional ecological oasis and bio-industrial park that will physically […]

Still Much To Be Thankful For

The year 2020 has forced us to emphasize the spiritual, philosophical, patriotic, historical, and cultural aspects of every holiday – and less so the traditional, physically celebratory or commemorative aspects, such as parades, visits, and dinners. One might say, Well so much for Thanksgiving, which is iconically about all three. If you love tradition, that’s yet one more disappointment this […]

Letters to the Editor

Special Ed Allowances A copy of this letter was received at the offices of the Queens Gazette. The following is an extract from the letter. November 18, 2020 Dear Mayor de Blasio, Thank you and the members of your administration for your hard work during this very difficult time for the City of New York. I am writing to you […]

America The Dutiful

As I awoke and began to stir about on the morning after the election, I noticed a stillness in the cool autumn air and a quiet resolve in those going to work or taking children to school. There was a notable sense that nothing had changed. Reflecting on this, I continued to focus on the business at hand throughout the […]