Carolyn Scarano

Blossom Home Care

2020-06-17 E-Edition

‘From Substandard To Best In Class’

On June 10, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the opening of the brand new, state-of-the-art Terminal B Arrivals and Departures Hall at LaGuardia Airport, the biggest milestone to date in the airport’s ongoing $8 billion transformation into a unified 21st century facility. The project, one of the largest public-private partnerships in aviation history, includes the demolition and replacement of every […]

Urban Upbound Selected As Partner In City’s Take Care Initiative

As announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio on May 27, Urban Upbound is taking part in the city’s Take Care Initiative to help all COVID positive New Yorkers safely separate and prevent the spread of the virus. Earlier this month, as a part of this initiative, Urban Upbound hired a team of Resource Navigators, three of whom live in the […]

I On Politics

SCOTUS RULES PROTECTING LGBTQ+ RIGHTS: The Supreme Court ruled on June 15 by 6-3 to affirm that both sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination are prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. NYC Councilman Danny Dromm released the following statement on the ruling: “History will remember this day as the day that the Supreme Court stood up for […]

Katz Honors Human Rights Activist

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said in her Weekly Update: “Dear friends and neighbors, as we continue to navigate these uncertain times, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue celebrating the LGBTQ+ community as part of Pride Month. “This week, I am glad to honor one individual and two organizations that exemplify the beautiful diversity of Queens County. Please […]

A Proud Proposal In An Historic Spot

There’s a lot of pain in our country right now, with COVID-19 and the police brutality protests. But there’s a love story that may give us hope in a time when things seem very bleak. Alyssa Kayhill, a Brooklyn Hospital nurse, had been quarantining away from her family, friends, and girlfriend of eight years since the start of COVID. She’s […]

Your Vote Is Your Voice

The Primary Election is being held on June 23 for in-person voting. Voting is your voice as an American citizen and it is the most important thing you can do as such. Also, considering the entire country’s history of low voter turnout, especially for primaries, the votes of those who do turn out are proportionally worth so much more. It’s […]

We Love Our Fathers And Father Figures

Every family is different, but if they are lucky enough to have two parents to split the parental duties, the two parents can each “specialize.” In one-parent households, the one person takes on most or all duties and does the best he or she can. Please do remember, just like in the business world, no one really knows all the […]