2011-03-16 E-Edition

The Armenian Genocide

In the 1870s the rulers of the Ottoman Empire embarked on a policy designed to ruthlessly eliminate the bulk of its Armenian population.  For over 40 years they and their successors sought with great determination to achieve that goal whenever possible.  In doing so, they carried out periodic genocidal killings that dwarfed all ethnically based exterminations up to that time.  […]

Friends Of The Queens Library

City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, Committee Chair Jimmy Van Bramer, Councilmembers Vincent J. Gentile and Dominic M. Recchia Jr. were sworn in March 15 as the City Council Chapter, Friends of Queens Library by Borough President Helen Marshall. “I am truly honored to be inducted into the Friends of the Queens Library,” Quinn said at the morning ceremony held […]

Powhatan And Pocahontas Dem Club Installs New Members

Plans To Relocate Prison Barge Runs Aground

A group of Astoria homeowners are breathing a sigh of relief over the city’s decision to halt plans for another prison barge at Rikers Island. Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. last week announced he had succeeded in negotiations with the city Department of Corrections (DOC), which had planned to dock the barge at Rikers to avert overcrowding at the island prison. […]

Queens Responds To Quakes, Tsunamis

Eight days ago the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan struck the island nation’s northeastern coast, killing at least 1,000 people—a toll expected to rise to at least 10,000—and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. The quake and tsunami (seismic seawave) damaged four nuclear reactors at a power plant on the coast, at one of which an apparent partial meltdown is […]

All New Yorkers Are Irish On St. Patrick’s Day

Tomorrow New York City will hold its 245th St. Patrick’s Day parade, and for the 245th time, all New Yorkers marching or standing on sidewalks watching, whatever their background and ancestry, will be free to consider themselves at least a little bit Irish. New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are held in Manhattan, but there exists a strong Queens […]

Letters to the Editor

Children Deserve Better To The Editor: As every good educator knows, a struggling student very often needs a little extra focus, a little extra attention, and at times a somewhat different approach. Our struggling schools are no different. They too often need a slightly different look if they are to be the beacons of education we all know they can. […]

Queens Has Good Business Base, Employment Picture

Before William J. Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, arrived to speak at the March breakfast meeting of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, an attendee who deals in bank loans was telling another attendee that if he sees 15 loan applicants a day, it’s a good day if three are qualified. At the same time, a […]

Schumer Says Queens To Get Disaster Funds For Snow Removal

New York City got some good news about the post-Christmas record snowstorm that buried us for several days. It appears Uncle Sam is going to reimburse us for some of the cost of removing the tons of white stuff. That was the message on March 4, from U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, who reported that President Barack Obama had expanded the […]