2009-06-03 E-Edition

Home Safety Solutions For Seniors Who Live Alone

Dear Savvy Senior, I’m interested in getting my mother one of those emergency call systems with a wearable push-button for her home in case she falls or needs help, but could use some help. What can you tell me? SOS Dear SOS: The product and service you’re inquiring about is known as a “personal emergency response system,” or PERS. With […]

Dentistry Duo Delivers Quality Care On Astoria’s Broadway

  It used to be you would go to visit your dentist with some trepidation about the pain you would have to endure. You would sit in the waiting room bored, staring into space, dozing, or reading last year’s magazines. The status quo may exist for some dentists who haven’t kept pace with all the technological advances of recent years, […]

Lose Our Knowledge, Lose Our Nation

Last month, Supreme Court Justice David Souter, who is about to retire from the nation’s highest court, spoke at a conference that focused initially on developing ways to “stick up for the judiciary” in the face of political attacks. Souter noted, however, that participants eventually realized that “the real problem was the debasement and in some cases the disappearance of […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks Quinn For Trip To The Editor:   Another Memorial Day gone by. While some of us watched parades, and some went shopping [and] others had barbeques, the wonderful people at Quinn’s Funeral Home in Astoria were busy arranging a bus ride and lunch for those of us who have loved ones interred at Calverton Cemetery. I’m sure I speak […]

Wisdom Through The Ages


I was having breakfast at the Globe Coffee Shop on 51st Street and 31st Avenue when in walked my good friend, Vernon Jackson. He slid into the booth opposite me and opened a newspaper. “What do you think of the president’s pick for Supreme Court?” he asked. “You mean Sonia Sotomayor?” I said. “I think she’s a good selection.” “I […]

Crowley/Ackerman Bill Aims To Block Trash Station Near LaG Airport

Continuing their fight to block construction of a garbage transfer station near LaGuardia Airport, Queens Congressmembers Joseph Crowley and Gary Ackerman were successful recently in getting legislation passed that would apply existing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety guidelines to the controversial project being pushed by the Bloomberg mayoral administration. The proposed 100-foot-high New York City Department of Sanitation facility (aka […]

114th Pct. Officer Nabs Graffiti Vandal

Police Officer Georgia Karagiannis was in uniform on patrol duty in a marked police car on April 9 at about 6:50 p.m. when she spotted a young male, about 18 years old, spray-painting the side of a building. A member of the 114th Police Precinct’s conditions team, Karagiannis “immediately exited her vehicle and arrested the individual”, Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector […]

Vallone Voices Concern At Anticipated Police Patrol Cuts

City Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. warned last week that plans to reduce the number of foot patrol police officers because of the budget crunch could endanger public safety. The Astoria lawmaker issued the warning last week following a meeting of the council Public Safety Committee, which he chairs. During the session, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced that the NYPD would […]

Water Main Break Snarls Traffic