2009-01-14 E-Edition

Job Resources For ‘Un-Retirees’

Dear Savvy Senior, What resources can you recommend to help retirees find a job? With the economy in the tank and my nest egg dwindling, I’ve had to cut back my monthly withdrawals to keep from running out of money. Now I need to find a job to help make ends meet. What can you tell me? Looking for Work […]

King’s Legacy Benefits All Americans

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who would have been 80 years old on January 15, is hailed for his work as a civil rights leader. However, observances of the holiday celebrating his birthday, which this year falls on January 19, often fail to acknowledge that King’s vision for America included the realization that all Americans, whatever their ethnicity, deserve […]

Maloney Is Still Best Choice For Senate

As of this past Monday, New York Governor David Paterson had not made a choice as to who will fill the United States Senate seat that will become vacant when Hillary Clinton is confirmed as Secretary of State, a confirmation expected to come about soon after Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 43rd president of the United States on January […]

Letter to the Editor

Put Money Into Jobs To The Editor: The incoming administration and Congress are developing an economic stimulus plan of about $800 billion, which is supposed to create approximately three million jobs. The jobs will evolve from projects designed to rebuild and replace our roadways, bridges, dams, and possibly runways. Schools will be upgraded. There could be substantial funding of energy […]

Obama Seeks Digital TV Postponement

President-elect Barack Obama has asked Congress to consider a delay of the February 17 conversion to digital transmission by television stations. The $1.34 billion federal coupon program reached its legal funding limit on January 4. As a result, consumers applying for $40 dollar government coupons applicable toward the purchase of converter boxes for analog televisions are being placed on a […]

Mayor Likes Obama’s Stimulus Plan, But Some Dem Senators Don’t

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who attended the speech last Thursday outlining Presidentelect Barack Obama’s $775 billion stimulus plan, called it a great speech, and said Obama understands cities must be a major focus in the recovery plans. Bloomberg also agreed with Obama’s terming infrastructure investments vital because they provide “the structure we need to go forward for decades”. But, he warned, […]

State Senate Greets New Session With New Rules

For the first time in 40 years, the state senate began a session in Albany with the Democrats in control of the chamber. Their first order of business was the passage of a series of rule changes designed to foster discussion and productivity, and increase accountability and transparency for the public, according to Majority Leader Malcolm Smith. Significantly, following the […]

Den Dekker Sworn In Before Family And Friends

On Saturday January 10, Michael Den Dekker, a native of Jackson Heights was sworn in as a member of the New York State Assembly before more than 300 friends, family and colleagues. Congressmember Joseph Crowley, a friend of Den Dekker, officiated as Den Dekker took the oath of office using a family Bible. Den Dekker was elected to represent the […]

Dentistry Duo Delivers Quality Care On Astoria’s Broadway

It used to be you would go to visit your dentist with some trepidation about the pain you would have to endure. You would sit in the waiting room bored, staring into space, dozing, or reading last year’s magazines. The status quo may exist for some dentists who haven’t kept pace with all the technological advances of recent years, but […]