MTA Has Short Memories

To The Editor: Many years ago (maybe 30) the MTA (formerly known as the NYC Transit Authority) had a problem which was similar to the one the LIRR is having with gaps at some of their stations. The gap occurred at the Brooklyn Bridge station on the IRT Line (as it was known then) which curved, leaving a big space […]

Debt Raises Questions

To The Editor: Why is it that our public officials on a bipartisan basis at the city, state and federal level all seem to avoid talking about the long-term consequences of our ever increasing government public debt? It is only periodically in the editorial pages of the Queens Gazette and other newspapers that this critical issue is ever raised. Consider […]

Landmarking Process

To The Editor: For too long, the four so-called outer boroughs have been assigned a back seat by the city in terms of getting landmark designation for worthy buildings and neighborhoods. People in these boroughs are realizing that there are individual structures and districts that have the necessary historical, and/or architectural, and/or cultural attributes that would qualify them for landmarking. […]

Warming Is Natural

To The Editor: So what’s the story about global warming? Yes, the UN released a 21-page “Summary for Policymakers”, alleging that human activity is very likely the cause of global warming. However, they neglected to inform us that most of this report was compiled by bureaucrats who find nothing wrong with citing scientists who actually hold contrary views regarding the […]

Comments On Events

To The Editor: As always, I was delighted to read several positive articles in the March 21, 2007 issue of the Gazette and I shall now share my thoughts with the readers. I am really appreciative and must commend Congressmembers Crowley and Maloney for their tireless efforts in sponsoring legislation on the federal level to provide $3.4 billion for health […]

Shame On Parade Heads

To The Editor: [At] this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, the FDNY was moved from the front where they have been for many years. I find it appalling the way our Bravest are being treated by John Dunleavy and his St. Patrick’s Parade Committee. The reason given was that the FDNY held up the parade last year because of its […]

Thompson: NYC Economy In ‘Terrific Shape’

“Our economy is really in terrific shape,” New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson said last week, when he addressed the March breakfast meeting of the Long Island City Business Development Corporation. He was referring to the city when he spoke of economic prosperity. Its bond rating has never been higher, he asserted, and where for years and years it […]

Neighborhood News

Trash Has Jackson Heights Fuming Neighbors of a trash-strewn residential strip in Jackson Heights are up in arms over the city’s failure to take action to force property owners to clean up the mess. Folks who live near the eyesore properties at 73rd Street and 35th Avenue have filed dozens of complaints and raised questions about conditions there, residents said. […]

Online Shipping Solutions At USPS

Recently, the United States Postal Service, postal sales representatives visited the Steinway Post Office, 43-04 Broadway in Long Island City educating customers on the use of Click-NShip services. While in Bayside residents went to their local postal branch at 212-35 42nd Ave. to “click-in-on” the same information. The Click-N-Ship service allows customers to print labels with or without postage from […]

Marshall Opens New Visitors Center At Queens Center Mall

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, taking advantage of the huge numbers of Queens residents who shop at the Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst, last week cut the ribbon on a new addition to the shopping mall, the borough’s first-ever Visitors Center, a place to order tickets and get information about everything from upcoming concerts to legal services. In launching the […]