2006-04-19 E-Edition

SART Program Expands To Queens

Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday announced the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) program has been expanded to five city hospitals in the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens, making the program city-wide. SART was initially launched in The Bronx two years ago and a year after that expanded into Brooklyn. SARTs are composed of specially trained forensic examiners and rape crisis counselors […]

Chance For Cuomo To Run For AG Without Primary

Will Andrew Cuomo, the generally acknowledged frontrunner in the six-candidate race for the Democratic nomination for state attorney general, be able to win that nomination without having to undergo a primary election battle on September 12? Considering that Cuomo’s closest opponent is former New York City Public Advocate Mark Green, who doesn’t seem to be a very realistic threat, a […]

Anna’s Place Is Home Of Good Home Cooking

For 31 years, Anna Walsh and her staff have welcomed guests to her “home of good home cooking” that’s filled with a very warm, comfortable feeling as well as the promise of good food. The menu offers reliable American fare, including great steaks, poultry and fish, along with a bit of Bavaria, owing to the restaurant’s past. Of course, Anna […]

‘Take The Lead’

The Lead Stumbles

Written by Diane Houston and directed by Liz Friedlander, best known for her extensive music video productions, “Take the Lead” is a tired, boring version of the overused theme of inner city kids being transformed and spiritually reborn through music and dance. Pierre Dulaine (Antonio Banderas) is a dance instructor and owner of a New York City ballroom dance studio […]

Lead’ Underdog Triumphs

The fairytale underdog triumph clich continues, this time with the fox trot and a little bit of hip-hop. “Take The Lead” is based on the true story of ballroom instructor Pierre Dulaine, most recently noted in the documentary “Mad Hot Ballroom”, who volunteers to teach ballroom dancing to troubled Bronx high school students in an afternoon detention class. The “Dangerous […]

Council Seeks Improved Senior Pedestrian Safety

Although the city’s seniors represent only one-sixth of the city’s population, they account for one-third of traffic fatalities, City Councilmember John Liu revealed recently as he opened a hearing to consider legislation designed to protect seniors and other pedestrians on city streets. Referring to the statistics, Liu (D-Flushing) stated: “This incongruity must be addressed with increased efforts to protect the […]


'Grading The Graders' Makes Good Sense

For generations children attending American schools have been apprised of their progress at regular intervals by means of that time-honored institution, the report card. Now under a new program initiated by the New York City Department of Education, the schools themselves will be accorded letter grades on their performances. Apilot program already in existence at 200 schools throughout the city […]

Slasher Got His Just Deserts

Last Wednesday, Judge Michael Aloise performed a public service for the lawabiding residents of this city and paid tribute to the men and women who risk their lives to ensure public peace and safety. Despite a craven whimper by one Radcliff Meeks that “This prison life is not for me,” Aloise sentenced Meeks to an indeterminate term of 25 years […]

Thanks McCarthy, Police

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette. 114th Police Precinct Commanding Officer Brian McCarthy: I am writing this note to you to commend the outstanding effort and support of two of your officers, Officer Kashim Valles (badge #30432) and Officer Lucy Rana (badge #31080) in helping us to track down and find our lost dog “Lucy” […]