Police Efforts Are Rewarded At 115 Pct. Medal Day

by austin armitstead and linda wilson

The 115th Police Precinct fourth annual Medal Day saw awards presented to 57 officers in all, 40 awards for excellent police duty, three to sergeants, one to a detective and 36 to police officers. One lieutenant and 12 officers received meritorious police duty awards, a lieutenant and a police officer received commendations and two detectives received honorable mentions, for "an act of extraordinary bravery intelligently performed at imminent and personal danger to life." The precinct commanding officer received 98 letters of commendation from various community residents on behalf of police officers demonstrating "the ultimate courtesy, professionalism and respect." Several officers were commended by the residents of the community they serve more than once during the period May 1999 to April 2000, including Lieutenant James Kelly and Police Officer Ann Marie Tenaglia. Also cited were the Officers of the Month from May 1999 through April 2000. These included the entire 115th Precinct burglary Apprehension Module.

Police Officer Angela Chisholm was named Officer of the Year. The "DWI Queen" works the midnight tour and has made more than 25 arrests of individuals driving while intoxicated during a one-year period. In her 10-year career has has made more than 100 arrests.

The precinct Outstanding Achievement Award went to Sergeant Timothy Tierney. He supervises 10 officers in the conditions unit, addressing all quality of life complaints in the precinct, during a three-year period, the unit, under Tierney's supervision, made some 650 arrests for prostitution and targeted 6 houses of prostitution operating in the precinct. He will be retiring later the year.

Police Administrative Assistant Wanda Perez received the civilian employee of the Year Award for assuming the many and varied responsibilities associated with roll call , including scheduling and rescheduling all officers, notifications of training court appearances and upcoming detains and events and ensuring that all priority posts are covered. She was appointed to the Police Department in 1993 and was assigned to the 115th Precinct immediately after leaving the Police Academy, where she trained.

An Auxiliary Police Officer since July 1993, Anita Berta received the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year award. She has accumulated 2,650 hours on duty in her time as an Auxiliary Officer and earned several merit awards and a unit citation.

Hector Rivera, one of 23 Explorers attached to the 115th Precinct, received the Outstanding Explorer of the Year award. Since joining the partnership between the New York City Police Department and the Boy Scouts of America, he has risen to the rank of Explorer Deputy Inspector and is commanding officer of the 115th Precinct Explorer post, with more than 100 hours of community service and crime prevention efforts to his credit.

Also honored at the ceremony was Celeste Balducci-Chapin, outgoing president of the 115th Precinct Community Council. Retiring officers Detective Leroy Jacobson and Community Affairs Officer Earl Dawson were also hailed for their years of service and dedication.

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