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Rail Debris Hits Second Car Under No. 7 Tracks

MTA crews were back on Roosevelt Avenue last week, removing chunks of rusted metal from the underside of the entrance to the Woodside-61st Street No. 7 line, where a chunk of debris crashed down on a vehicle parked below on March 6.

The rusty, approximately 1-pound, 10-inch metal chunk fell from the elevated line near 62nd Street at about 9:26 a.m., smashing the windshield of a Ford Explorer that was parked below, police said.

The incident occurred just two blocks away from the scene of a similar accident on February 21st, where a piece of wood fell from the tracks, piercing the windshield of an Uber car.

Cops said the driver in that incident was traveling eastbound on Roosevelt Avenue in his Chevy Tahoe when the wooden spear crashed through his windshield. The Uber driver was uninjured.
MTA workers retrieved pieces of the debris from the scene on March 6th, an agency spokesperson said. “What this material is, and where it came from is under investigation,” the spokesperson said in a prepared statement.

A truck struck elevated tracks near the location on March 5th, possibly causing the piece of metal to break lose, MTA spokesperson Shams Tarek said.

Tarek said crews completed a system wide inspection at the end of February that was ordered by NYC transit president Andy Byford after the wooden beam speared the Uber car. “This is obviously very concerning and we are glad that no one was hurt. We take the safety of our customers, employees and neighbors very seriously,” Tarek said. “We are continuing to investigate these incidents.”

–Liz Goff

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