2019-03-06 / Editorials

Banking Remotely And In Person, Still

Welcome to our banking issue! This week the Queens Gazette will highlight our community banks. Top-notch banks such as First Central Savings Bank, Queens County Savings Bank, Maspeth Federal Savings, Wells Fargo and TD Bank, provide services in our own neighborhoods that are as essential to our everyday lives as groceries and transportation. Fortunately, our banks have worked hard to provide us with every possible convenience and serve every need within the banking arena. Our community banks not only provide all the latest technology, but have maintained the personal touch for those who prefer it. Many people feel more secure and find it easier to deal with actual people. And even for those who more often rely on technological convenience, if there is ever an issue that online or mobile banking doesn’t cover, they can always visit their friendly neighborhood teller or manager.With the retail sector hurting these days, some banks have been downsizing. We are glad though that most banks are either staying or even growing. One reason for that, we believe, is that our local bank branches take their role within the community seriously and make constant efforts to pitch in and be good neighbors. Bank staff members not only serve the community by volunteering for various causes, they help people secure and set the best terms for loans for home improvement, cars, college, opening and expanding businesses and more. They make possible the major milestones of our lives that also help strengthen our neighborhoods – the building blocks of economically healthy cities. Our banks also contribute to the community hyper-locally, by holding food, blood and toy drives periodically, and they even reach out to the children to encourage financial literacy, helping them open their own savings accounts and make regular deposits. We remember the days before technological breakthroughs such as online banking and cellphone apps, and even before ATMs with their easy access to our cash and automated phone services allowing us to check our balances remotely. Now we can make check deposits from practically anywhere using our smartphones. But we also remember some of the tellers we dealt with regularly, depositing checks and getting money orders, and our first mortgage with a helpful and knowledgeable loan officer. Our community banks and international bank branches have kept this important link of staying in touch with the people, and this issue is dedicated to our banks, an important component of our communities

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