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NYPD: Keep Texting Crime Tips

Police are reminding the public that texting crime tips to cops at local precincts is a simple, easy way to provide anonymous information to help put criminals behind bars.

By utilizing the NYPD’s “CRIMES” text message system, eyewitnesses and others with information may send tips to the NYPD text hotline that will forward the information to police via computer, NYPD officials said.

Police at local precincts regularly view the messages that do not contain the tipster’s phone number, officials said.

To access the system, dial 274637 or “CRIMES” and enter “TIP577” when indicated. Callers can leave their information, which is then forwarded to appropriate precinct, squad or unit investigators. Callers are given a multi-digit code for follow-up, to determine if their tip led to an arrest and conviction, or if they are entitled to a reward.

Police officials are urging the public to continue to call “911” to report crimes in progress or other emergencies. “The texting system does not replace “911” as a means to alert police to crimes in progress,” officials said.

Eyewitnesses and tipsters are also urged to continue calling the NYPD “CRIMESTOPPERS Hotline” at 1-800-577-TIPS to provide information to investigators on past crimes, officials said.

“The texting system is designed to provide computer savvy New Yorkers with an alternative to the hotline,” officials said. “But it doesn’t matter if you call or text the information,” the officials said. “Just do it!”

Police officials are reminding New Yorkers to text crime tips at the appropriate time – not while they are driving. If you have a breaking tip, pull over to the curb or park your vehicle and turn the engine off before texting the information, officials said.

“Remember, motorists caught texting while driving are subject to a stiff fine and could lose five points off their license,” police said. “Don’t text anyone, for any reason, while you are driving.”

–Liz Goff

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