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Darryl Davis Live Workshop Attracts 400 Persons

By Catherine Tsounis

“Darryl Davis is having an All-Day Workshop on January 30, 2019,” said Andrew Stype, President of Andrew Stype Real Estate, at his annual Christmas party in December 2018. Vice-President Erica Stype added by saying ”we will sponsor every staff member’s participation.” I decided to participate in the Darryl Davis Live Event Intensive all day workshop at the Long Island Marriott Hotel in Uniondale, Long Island.
What unfolded on this snowy winter day was an unbelievable experience. Darryl Davis had 400 persons present. He should have run for politics. His dynamic, inspiring style was unbelievable. Mr. Davis explained “We are so excited that you are here. I’ve always said that it’s not just Inventory that’s the name of the game in this business-it’s listing Inventory. That’s what this all-day workshop is about. Driving Listing Inventory. Don’t just sell. Buy your real estate, starting small at any age. It is never too old to invest. Warren Buffet achieved his prosperity in his fifties. The real estate market is changing from a sellers market to something in between.” The rising interest rates has a lot to do with this.
Every participant had his/her own unique real estate story. Scarla Pineda, a Brooklyn Real Estate Broker explained how buying Brooklyn real estate and her Grandmothers religious faith shaped her life. “In recognition of completing the full day real estate training event, we hereby grant the designation ‘Certified Seller Consultant’, “was the certificate conferred on each workshop participant. Darryl Davis concluded his workshop with these words: “Real Estate changed my life. It made me into what I am.” Many participants share this belief.

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