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Meng Sworn In To Fourth Term In Congress

Congress Member Grace Meng after she was sworn into her fourth term on January 3. Congress Member Grace Meng after she was sworn into her fourth term on January 3. Congress Member Grace Meng (D-NY) was sworn in on January 3 to her fourth term in the United States House of Representatives. She vowed to continue fighting for Queens and the nation, and called for an end to the government shutdown.

“I am honored to continue serving my community and I’m humbled by the confidence my constituents have in me to be their voice in Washington,” said Congress Member Meng. “While I am excited about the work ahead in the new Congress, it is unacceptable that the federal government remains partially closed. Allowing this shutdown to occur was an irresponsible and reckless decision by President Trump and Congressional Republicans. It has forced many federal employees to work without pay, or to be furloughed without pay, and it has been harmful to the American people and our economy. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for drafting government spending bills that are sent to the president to be signed into law, I am determined to work with my colleagues to end the shutdown. I will continue to urge the President to work with us as well.”

“In the 116th session of Congress, I am excited to build upon my work from the last Congress and champion issues that help Queens and our nation,” added Meng. “I will continue to work tirelessly for my constituents and be responsive to their needs. I will also continue to work with my colleagues across the aisle in areas where we agree, but I will stand firm against efforts that undermine labor rights for Americans, protections for immigrant communities and minorities, and environmental standards that keep the public and children safe from harmful chemicals and pollutants. In addition, I look forward to introducing and supporting legislation that helps working families succeed, protecting our voting rights, ensuring Americans have access to clean air and water, and supporting policies that mitigate climate change.”

Meng represents New York’s Sixth Congressional District which encompasses Western, Central and Northeast Queens, and she serves as a senior whip and regional whip for New York.

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