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MALONEY TO DONATE HER SALARY DURING SHUTDOWN TO FOOD BANKS: Congress Member Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12) announced on January 6 that she will be donating her salary for every day of the federal government shutdown to food banks in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

“Thanks to the President’s refusal to reopen parts of the federal government, more than 800,000 federal workers and thousands more federal contractors have been either furloughed or working without being paid for more than two weeks.

“With my support, on day one of the new democratic majority in the House, we passed bipartisan bills to end this unnecessary shutdown. The Senate passed these same bills just last month but now Senate Republicans are refusing to allow a vote on these measures because of opposition from President Trump. Until President Trump is willing to end this shutdown of his own creation, I will be donating my salary to food banks in my Congressional district.”

Maloney will divide her salary between Hour Children Food Pantry in Queens, The Father’s Heart Ministries Hunger Prevention program in Manhattan, and the North Brooklyn Angels in Brooklyn.

CUOMO URGES MTA TO IMPLEMENT L TRAIN ALTERNATIVE PLAN: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo released the following statement on the MTA: “(On January 3) an alternative plan for the L train renovation was presented which would be faster, better and probably less expensive. The plan was developed by experts from Cornell and Columbia in collaboration with the MTA and the expert consultants who worked with the MTA in designing the original tunnel restoration. For the plan to proceed, as Acting Chair Freddy Ferrer said yesterday, the MTA Board would have to alter current contracts with the contractors presently engaged in the tunnel’s restoration. I urge the MTA Board to hold an emergency meeting to review the alternative plan and allow the public the opportunity to understand and comment on the plan, and for the MTA Board, in its discretion, to commence a revised plan if that is their conclusion.

“The MTA is also implementing the Subway Action Plan which has now been fully funded. At the same time, the MTA is implementing the Fast Forward Plan, which would install communications-based train control (CBTC) as a new signal system. CBTC is currently the best accepted industry standard. As I have discussed in the past, I also think the MTA should be open to exploring new technologies, which may prove more effective and expeditious. There is a system that utilizes ultra-wideband (UWB), which is also currently being explored by different transportation networks in the country and offers significant benefits. The UWB system option is also being explored by the MTA. The MTA is installing the CBTC system until an alternative, such as UWB, is determined to be viable. I believe that is the most appropriate approach at this time.”

RAMOS PLEDGES TO RID CITY OF DIRTY ENERGY: State Senator Jessica Ramos released the following statement the day after the December 27 transformer explosion in Astoria: “Last night an electrical fault in the Con Edison substation in Astoria caused a bright flash seen across the city. Thankfully, there weren’t any serious injuries and electrical lines are stable in the area. Some area hospitals went on backup generation. Subway service was interrupted for about 30 minutes while track equipment was reset. Con Edison (after testing a spill) is considering it a non-PCB threat at this time.

“There are consequences to our inaction on climate change. Our dependence on fossil fuels must end. They pollute our air and dangerous malfunctions like last night’s can be much worse. In 2019, we must strive to do better for the future of District 13 and New York State. I will cosponsor the Climate and Community Protection Act and work proactively to bring New York closer to 100% renewable energy.”

Northwestern Queens provides almost half the city’s electricity. The plants are aging and burning fuels that are leading to higher levels of asthma and breathing problems in the Long Island City and Astoria areas, according to the New York Department of Health, Ramos noted.

“I have called for a tour of the facility in Astoria in an effort to work with Con Edison to find ways to keep the community better informed,” Ramos said. “A clean and safe energy agenda is a priority for the health of our planet, our children, our elders, and everyone in between.”

DE BLASIO ON SPECIAL ELECTION FOR PUBLIC ADVOCATE: Mayor Bill de Blasio released the following statement on the upcoming special election for public advocate upon New York Attorney General Tish James’ inauguration, “It is my pleasure to announce the special election for public advocate will take place on Tuesday, February 26, 2019. This date will help maximize voter turnout, and my administration will work around the clock to make sure every New Yorker is encouraged to exercise their right to vote.”

ENDORSEMENTS FOR KIM FOR PUBLIC ADVOCATE: NYC Public Advocate Candidate Ron Kim received endorsements from Assembly Members Dan Quart and Yuh-Line Niou in recognition of Kim’s leadership and advocacy on behalf of students. Dozens of prominent Democratic Party leaders and community activists have also thrown their support behind Kim.

The special election for NYC Public Advocate will be held on Tuesday, February 26.

“I am proud to endorse Ron Kim for New York City Public Advocate and fully support his campaign to fight for working people in New York City. In the Assembly, he’s led the movement to end student debt and has fought for small businesses across New York. He’ll bring the same brand of leadership and courage to the Office of Public Advocate,” said Assembly Member Quart.

“For as long as I have known and worked with Assembly Member Kim, I have known him to be someone who always does what he thinks will help people most. I can personally attest to his dedication to community and constituent services. We serviced, in his office, sometimes up to 100 people a day – people desperate for language access, access to services that they should have received, and help that they had never gotten before. Ron is always trying to make sure that those who traditionally have not had a voice, can have one. That is what being the public advocate is all about. It is about making sure all New Yorkers can have a voice. This is why I endorse Ron Kim for Public Advocate and trust that he will do what he can to fight for those who need it the most,” said Assembly Member Niou.

“I am extraordinarily grateful to my colleagues, Dan Quart and Yuh-Line Niou, for their endorsements, as well as the dozens of other community leaders who have announced their support. My campaign for Public Advocate is about putting people over corporations, and voters across New York City have recognized that I am the only candidate with a serious plan to eliminate student debt and end taxpayer subsidies to massive corporations like Amazon. The response to this message has been overwhelmingly positive as indicated by the exponential growth in support we’ve seen in less than a month since I announced my candidacy. Over the next eight weeks, I plan to continue spreading my vision to make the Office of the Public Advocate the first elected position in the nation that focuses on eliminating debt and I am confident that voters will respond in kind on Election Day, Tuesday February 26th,” said candidate for NYC Public Advocate Ron Kim.

For more information on Ron’s campaign for Public Advocate and his plan to put People Over Corporations, please visit www.RonKim.nyc and follow Ron Kim on Twitter: @RK4PA

ADDABBO RESPONDS TO GOVERNOR’S VETO OF SEAWALL STUDY BILL: NYS Senator Joe Addabbo, Jr. released the following statement in response to Governor Cuomo vetoing a bill (S.6927) that Addabbo sponsored along with Assembly Member Brian Barnwell (A.8686), known as the New York City Seawall Study Commission. Senator Addabbo responded, “As I have witnessed devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy and the frequency of damage caused by subsequent storms, I truly believed this bill, which was approved by every member of the Senate and Assembly, would have been a step in the right direction towards addressing the dire need for flood mitigation and resiliency. This bill would have created a New York City Seawall Study Commission, which, at no expense to the state, would have quickly gathered data solely for the city areas prone to storm damage and determine the feasibility and timeframe for a seawall that has been discussed for decades. The fact that the study would have focused on New York City made it unique to the State Legislature and its veto by the governor only hampers our efforts to solve future flooding issues, at a time when we should be moving forward to protect an individual’s home, personal property and life. I appreciate Assemblyman Brian Barnwell’s work on this bill and understanding of the severity of the flooding issue. I am hopeful that we can pass the bill again during the upcoming 2019 legislative session and convince the governor to sign the bill into law.”

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