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Crime Down In 2018, According To CompStat


NYPD CompStat numbers for 2018 show that New York City had reductions in several major crime categories, setting new records for public safety and crime reduction not seen since the early 1950s.

Overall crime is lower in 2018 than in 2017, with 95,844 crimes compared to 97,089; while murder is again below 300, with 289 in 2018, lower than the 292 recorded in 2017. Robbery is below 13,000 (12,909), lower than the 13,993 recorded in 2017; and burglary is below 12,000 (11,678), lower than in 2017 (12,148). Shooting incidents are the final category setting a new low below 800 (754), and also lower compared to 2017 (789).

Categories showing an increase for the year 2018 compared to 2017 are: rape 1,795 vs. 1,467; felony assault 20,192 vs. 20,162; grand larceny 43,543 vs. 43,362, and transit 270 vs. 217.

The 22% increase in rapes across all five boroughs was addressed by Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD officials on January 3, and was attributed to an increase in the reporting of sexual assault in 2018, correcting historically low reporting of the crime. “We (had) an increase of 329 walk-in reports this year,” said NYPD’s Lori Pollack, chief of crime control strategies regarding the increased numbers. “To me that’s a trust issue,” she said, adding, “That means we’re building trust that people will walk into a precinct and speak to, maybe, the cop on the phone, maybe the desk officer and explain what happened to them.” Chief Pollock said 27% of the rapes reported in 2018 occurred in a previous year.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law in December sponsored by Assembly Member Aravella Simotas that increases protection and rights for sexual assault survivors and the NYPD announced in November changes to strengthen the Special Victims Division.

In the 114th Precinct, rape is also up with 42 in 2018 and 29 in 2017. Murder is also up with 10 in 2018 and three in 2017. Felony assault is up slightly, with 355 in 2018 against 347 in 2017; while grand larceny is up with 784 in 2018 against 685 in 2017. Grand larceny auto (GLA) is up with 132 in 2018 against 105 in 2017. Shooting victims and shooting incidents are up in 2018 with 29 and 21, respectively; in 2018, against 21 and 12, respectively, in 2017. Housing crime is up in 2018 with 211 against 172 in 2017.

NYPD’s plans to use camera-equipped drones for the first time to monitor the crowd celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square were cancelled due to inclement weather, a risk to drone stability, and evidence of limitations on current drone technology.

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