2019-01-09 / Editorials

Getting On The Right Track

As we start a brand new year, it is a good time to start things off on the right foot. We strive to get everything together so we have a strong foundation to move ahead with our plans. Many of us are fixing things up, organizing, decorating, creating space, streamlining our home base, our cars, bikes, offices – putting our lives in order wherever we spend our time. It just makes life easier to clear out distracting objects and dross, and have things we use most often where they are easy to access. It creates a more functional, or healthy environment. It also makes sense to bring order to our health – to get our bodies in better shape too. We update our wardrobes, and perhaps realize our internal environment is just as important, if not more so. We want to look trimmer, and also feel more energetic and stronger. The best way to do that is to start off with a thorough checkup. Around the New Year most of us resolve to exercise more and improve our daily diets, and as we investigate new exercise routines and weight loss plans we are always admonished to check with our doctors first. This is good advice. Certain diets may be more – or less – appropriate depending upon our health issues, if any. And as far as exercise goes, we don’t want to cause more harm than good. There are so many types of health regimens, and they keep increasing as we gain more knowledge on the limits and capabilities of the human body. There are also constant advances in medical treatment. So stay tuned, as toward the end of this month we will be putting out our medical issue with a lot more information to help us get ourselves in top form.

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