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Woman Indicted In Flushing Daycare Carnage

By Liz Goff
A 52-year-old Flushing woman was indicted last week on attempted murder and assault charges for stabbing a fellow caregiver seven times in the leg, face and chest before turning the knife on three newborns and two other adults at an illegal “Chinese Tourist” daycare center.

Police found Yufen Wang with self-inflicted wounds, in the basement of the daycare center shortly after the September 21st attacks.

Prosecutors said the stabbings began just after 3:30 a.m. in Mei Xin Care Incorporated, a boarding house on 161st Street in Flushing where workers cared for babies whose parents paid thousands of dollars to guarantee U.S. citizenship.

Wang went berserk, first stabbing a 63-year-old colleague and a 51-year-old man inside the three-story home, prosecutors said. Wang then turned her rage on four newborn girls, a 3-day-old, a 2-week-old, a 3-week-old and a 1-month old, who each suffered multiple stab wounds.

Wang, who insiders describe as “unstable,” fled to the basement of the home after the attacks, where she slit her left wrist. Police found Wang unconscious with a meat cleaver and a butcher knife nearby.

Authorities said the center is a registered business with the state that operated illegally as past of a citizenship scheme known as “birth tourism.” Under the scheme, pregnant Chinese women arrive in the U.S. using tourist visas to give birth, authorities said. The newborns are guaranteed U.S. citizenship under the 14th Amendment and remain in America for a month or so, until the baby’s birth certificate and passport paperwork are completed.

The parents then return to China, and when the babies become adults they petition for them to come to the U.S. on a green card, authorities said.

Nine babies were living in the building at the time of the attacks, four boys and five girls, authorities said. Multiple families were living inside the building, and there were cribs scattered throughout the first floor.

Wang, who fades up to 25-years in prison if convicted, is due back in court on November 16th.

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