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Cops Launch Zero Tolerance Holiday Driving Crackdown

By Liz Goff
NYPD officials have issued a reminder to motorists who party too hard and get behind the wheel drunk over the holidays.

Police officials announced a Zero Tolerance crackdown on drunk drivers from Thanksgiving week through New Years Day, including a series of undisclosed checkpoints and increased enforcement of drunk or “buzzed” drivers.

Police at local precincts will also be enforcing seat belt violations, and violations for drivers caught using hand held cell phones, iPhones, tablets and other electronic devices while they are behind the wheel and drivers who fail to safeguard infants and children in approved child safety seats.

“When we say zero tolerance we mean zero tolerance,” police said. “Anyone caught driving under the influence of alcohol will be arrested and processed through the system, Drivers caught texting or talking on electronic devices and those who fail to use seat belts will be issued summonses,” police said.

Police officials said the NYPD is aware that the holidays are a time for family gatherings, celebrations and parties that include alcohol. “That’s why we constantly remind people to designate a driver who will see to it that everyone gets home safely.”

Police in Queens are determined to help prevent any potential alcohol-related vehicular tragedies over this holiday season. “Motorists who drive drunk are not just breaking the law,” police said. “They are putting other lives in danger.”

Police at local precincts have been trained to observe motorists to determine if they have had too much to drink, NYPD officials said. “If you’re out there driving drunk we will find you, If you are caught drunk behind the wheel, be prepared to spend some time behind bars.”


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