2018-11-07 / Editorials

Honor And Support Our Veterans

Veterans Day is Sunday, November 11, and it is 100 years since the official end of World War I. Armistice Day was first celebrated one year after that, and the day became known as Veterans Day in 1954, in order to be more inclusive of veterans of all wars and military actions.

At this time, with so much trouble in the world and at home, it is especially important to honor our veterans – those who have served in the past and those who are currently serving our nation. It is a comfort to know our service members are there, as we never know when we will urgently need their protection, and for them to fight to preserve our freedom and end tyranny. We thank them for their protection in the past and the present, and though we always hope we will not need their sacrifices in the future, realistically, judging from all of past history, we know that unfortunately we very likely will. War is hell as they say, and though everything must be done to avoid it, we must always be prepared for the worst.

Those who serve are mostly young, with the plans and dreams of youth, some even with young families. We must not overlook our veterans who are women and immigrants, many of whom have served with distinction. They all make huge sacrifices going into military service, leaving behind loved ones, careers and whatever other plans and activities of normal life they may have.

Military service is a life-altering experience to say the least. But when our country calls upon our service members, they go where they are needed and do what they have to do. They risk it all in order to preserve our safety, liberty, and way of life. When they do come home, many have visible or invisible wounds, and we owe it to them to see that they get all the care and support they need. We are indebted to them, and can never repay them, but we must try our best. They deserve the best possible treatment and any other assistance that exists. It is the least we can do to show them in a concrete way the respect and gratitude they deserve. We must do everything possible to help them live life with as much normalcy as possible. Veterans’ families must also be taken care of should they need it. And on every Veterans Day, please do show our veterans, both active and no longer serving, that we indeed appreciate their efforts to protect us and fight for what is right. Attend a parade or other commemorative event, and raise the American Flag. Remember those who did not ever return, and impress upon your children that we must honor and appreciate their noble sacrifices and their courage. Do not forget to thank any veterans you know and meet, and show them the deep respect they deserve. And do not ever give up striving toward lasting peace.

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