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Letters to the Editor

Children Of Columbus

To The Editor:

Christopher Columbus discovered America for the children that were deported and separated from their parents.

There should be protective laws against demoralizing and dehumanizing these innocent children.

These children could have been doctors, lawyers, accountants and teachers, which would have made America great again.

Richard Varriale, Richmond Hill
Member of the Italian Federation, Astoria

Distressing Situation

To The Editor:

Mayor de Blasio was confronted by homeless advocate Nathylin Flowers Adesegun while he was working out at the Prospect Park Y. She asked him to provide 30,000 more affordable housing units. He responded by saying, “I’m in the middle of my workout.” Well I guess his workout was more important than providing housing for the homeless. This is a national problem that affects many different people from many walks of life. One group is our veterans, some of whom suffer from depression, physical ailments and chemical dependencies. As a member of the American Legion and the Knights of Columbus, I feel more should be done for our veterans. As for myself, I can feel their pain. I am a Navy veteran of the Vietnam era over 40 years ago, and I once found myself homeless. I suffered from depression and had even tried to take my own life. But due to divine intervention I got help, and through the kindness of a stranger named Cyril, I was provided a place to live off the cold streets of Hempstead. There are many today who are not so lucky, and that is most sad. I find this homeless situation and the lack of concern by some of our government officials to be most distressing. I feel more has to be done.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

Make Voting Easier

To The Editor:

The Supreme Court hearing was a fiasco and other nations must laugh at us for such nonsense.

Women must not be abused nor playthings for men and young boys. Girls and women must be taught proper manners and 15-year-old girls must not go to drinking parties where boys are around. The parents are at fault. Rearing a child is not just bearing a child, but taking care of the child, watching them, and teaching morality. Until a child is 21 or 18 the child is the parents’ responsibility.

I am glad that there is a democracy promotion officer now appointed by our city. Yes, it is important to vote. Many people cannot vote due to family obligations, juggling work and children. Early voting must be instituted or voting by computer or by phone. People can bank by phone, so why not vote by phone? In assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and rehab centers there are absentee ballots. Voting is a right and not a privilege. We must all vote in the midterm election if we want a change in governmental policy. Just rallying and making noise is not enough. We have the power at the ballot box.

I am appalled to learn that religious vandalism and defacement of a Sukkot praying booth occurred. That is shameful, heinous and despicable in every sense of the word. Religious houses of worship, as well as other religious articles must not be defaced. We are living in a nation where we have religious freedom. The Jewish people escaped from religious persecution and do not have to tolerate that anymore.

Also murders are rising and that is awful—too many guns around.

I do not like the idea of people having early parole from prison.

I like the idea of one state that had a cruise ship for a homeless shelter that taught people skills needed for work and gave them shelter as well.

I salute the Carpenters Union upon their 100th anniversary in solidarity. Kudos and congratulations. The union movement is so important to our city, state and nation, and a fair working wage, benefits, and job security are the most important parts of belonging to a union.

It is appalling that the woman who stabbed the children at the daycare center in Flushing had no motive. That shows no respect for human life and despicable and shameful. The death penalty must be reinstituted as a deterrent to crime; the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment.

I am proud of Firefighter William Tolley. Having a street named after him in his honor since he died fighting a fire in the line of duty is showing that his memory should be a blessing, as well as remembering how he did care and is a hero indeed.

Also, it is awful that mercury is found in water in addition to PCPs. These are not healthy and cause cancer.

There should and must be unlimited sick leave time for those who worked at Ground Zero and are suffering from related illnesses.

I am outraged that a 3-year-old child fell out of a window. Where was the father? The father was in the residence and it is his responsibility to watch his child and make sure she is safe. Also windows must have window guards on them to prevent these accidents from happening. Children that are young must be constantly under parental supervision.

Also, I am saddened to learn about the 18 people in the limo being killed and two people being killed who were walking on the street. All passengers in cars, cabs, SUVs etc. must be wearing seat belts. It must be a NY state law that passengers sitting in the back seat must wear seat belts. Our state legislators must wake up to the fact that safety precautions must be taken.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

Trichter For Comptroller

To The Editor:

Republican/Conservative Party candidate Jonathan Trichter for state comptroller makes sense. Albany has always had members of different political parties holding key statewide offices. This promotes independent checks and balances to ensure honesty. Past Republican Governors Nelson Rockefeller and George Pataki had Democrats Arthur Levitt, Carl McCall and Alan Hevesi as state comptrollers. Democratic Governors Hugh Carey and Mario Cuomo had Republican Comptroller Ned Regan. GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro’s valiant efforts swimming upstream against Albany pay-for-play special interests and overwhelming Democratic enrollment numbers favor Democrat Andrew Cuomo being reelected governor for a third term. Just look at the voter affiliations and campaign funds. Statewide voter enrollment numbers clearly favor Cuomo. There are 5,621,811 Democrats versus 2,632,341 Republican active voters. Cuomo has $11 million and will easily add millions more over the coming weeks. Molinaro, like Cynthia Nixon in the primary, will be outspent by Cuomo 10-1.

For taxpayers, regardless of ideology or party affiliation, Republican Jonathan Trichter is the logical choice for state comptroller. He can hold Cuomo accountable to honest finances along with avoiding waste, fraud and abuse. Trichter will also have his hands full keeping an eye on Democrat State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and the new State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. It is doubtful that current Republican State Senate Leader John Flanagan will maintain majority control of the State Senate. One-party control of Albany by the infamous “three men in a room” for both Albany executive and legislative branches of state government is a recipe for disaster.

Many, including myself, long for the days of our late State Comptroller Arthur Levitt who served from 1954 to 1978. He was a true friend of taxpayers and kept the wolves at bay!

Larry Penner
Great Neck

Thanks, Van Bramer

To The Editor:

It’s a pleasure to report that the abandoned truck that has been parked on 35th Avenue in Long Island City for many months was finally removed, thanks to the help from Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer’s office. After exhaustive calls to 311 by residents of the area and multiple delays, the matter was handled within days after contacting Van Bramer’s office. Although this may seem like a small victory, it is nonetheless, another success for local residents determined to take back their block and improve the quality of life in their community.

Dr. Sharon M. Cadiz

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