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Primary Endorsements 2018

For the upcoming Primaries on Thursday, September 13, we have drawn up our list of endorsements. Some offices were obvious choices for us, others were more difficult, fortunately due to having the choice of a greater good rather than a lesser evil. Those who have been following the election will know that some offices have had more heated competition than others, and we commend the passion involved in those campaigns.


Governor – Governor Andrew Cuomo deserves to be reelected. He has done a good job in maintaining many aspects of our state; he kept a good eye on helping our city and especially his native hometown, Queens.

He has the ability to improve where we are going forward and we strongly endorse Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Lieutenant Governor – We endorse Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul as we believe she’s Cuomo’s choice and we think it is important for the lieutenant governor to work directly with the governor and if Cuomo is happy with her, so are we.

Attorney General – Public Advocate Letitia James has done a remarkable job as public advocate and will make an excellent attorney general. We believe she has the moral standing and legislative knowledge needed. Her resume has substantial achievements that encourage us to encourage our readers to vote for her.

NYS Senate District 11 – We have endorsed John Liu many times over the years and have never regretted it. We proudly support his candidacy and have no doubt whatsoever that he will make an excellent addition to the State Senate, and will deliver much-needed resources to his district. John Liu is the clear choice for Senate District 11. At a time when our city and state need help, the State Senate needs strong Democratic leadership whom we can trust to support the Democratic agenda.

Liu has years of experience in government that have afforded him insight on how to get things done. He has been endorsed by over a dozen Queens officials, who trust him to deliver for northeastern Queens.

In Albany, Liu will fight to protect women’s right to choose, secure education funding being held up by the Senate Republicans, make a permanent legislative fix for the speed cameras and work to preserve quality-of-life issues for Queens residents.

NYS Senate District 13 – Senator Jose Peralta has pursued many areas of enhancement to better his district. In addition, he has often stood alone to try to rectify problems that his constituents would not be able to resolve without his help.

For many years the Queens Gazette has featured Peralta in many remarkably positive stories and we hope he continues on this path. Sen. Peralta has been a tremendous advocate for his district and deserves to be reelected. He has received a legion of important endorsements, and we join them in encouraging all of our readers in his district to please come out and vote for Peralta.

NYS Assembly District 30 – Assembly Member Brian Barnwell has done an outstanding job fighting for his district, even before he was elected. He has tirelessly worked night and day, seven days a week to bring much-needed improvements and changes to the 30th Assembly District. We believe he is a rising star in the political world and we enthusiastically encourage support for him in the 30th Assembly primary.

When Barnwell was elected we knew that he would not allow outsiders to dictate anything to be placed in his district that could be detrimental to his constituents, and he has maintained that promise. Please vote for Brian Barnwell.

NYS Assembly District 33 – The Queens Gazette endorses Assembly Member Clyde Vanel. He has done a good job in his district and deserves another term.

NYS Assembly District 39 – Assembly Member Aridia Espinal has done well in her district and deserves another term. The indicators are that Espinal can bring progress and some enhancements to the community, and we encourage everyone to vote for Espinal to help bring this about.

* There are candidates for Democratic district leader, and heads of the state and county committees. Registered Democrats should come out and vote for them. It is important, and your vote counts.


NYS Senate District 11 – Both Simon Minching and Vickie Paladino are relatively new to the political arena and we will not endorse one or the other, but encourage you to come out and vote in the Republican primary if you are a registered Republican, as it is important in a two-party system that there be viable representatives running, otherwise our two-party system cannot survive.

NYS Senate District 15 – This Senate district has clearly been Senator Joseph Addabbo’s and in all likelihood this Democrat will succeed in November. In this race we call on our Republican readers to come out and vote for either Slawomir W. Platta or Thomas P. Sullivan to maintain a two-party system.


The Reform Party has three candidates seeking the office of attorney general: Mike Diederich, Christopher B. Garvey, Nancy B. Sliwa. We do not have endorsements for any of them at this time.

The same goes for the office of NYS Assembly District 33, for which the following two people are seeking nomination: Oster G. Bryan and Lalita L. Etwaroo.

NYS Assembly District 40 – John N. Scandalios, vice chair of the Queens County Reform Party is running unopposed by any other Reform Party candidate. We recommend our Reform Party member readers vote for him.


NYS Assembly Member Andrew Hevesi is running unopposed for the WFP nomination for the 28th district seat which he currently occupies. Hevesi has done an amazing job representing his district as a Democrat and we believe he should be nominated by every party, so Working Families members should show their support and vote for him.

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