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Exercise (And Keep Strong) Your Right To Vote

This year, on Thursday (NOT Tuesday), September 13, registered voters will be deciding who will move on to the general midterm election, current Governor Andrew Cuomo or Cynthia Nixon (among other races). Governor Cuomo is hoping to sit in the governor’s chair for his third term, presiding since 2010, while Cynthia Nixon wishes to have her voice heard for the first time. Candidates are also running for the offices of lieutenant governor, state attorney general, district leader, and seats in the State Senate and Assembly, and state and county committees. (Editor’s note: see “The Upcoming Primary Contest” in last week’s issue of the Queens Gazette, September 5, at QGazette.com for the complete list of Queens candidates in the primary.) Once the primary has taken place, the general election will be held on Tuesday, November 6.

If your candidate does not win the primary, they most likely will not run, and certainly will not run under the banner of the party holding the primary. Remember, no fair complaining about elected officials and nominees if you did not do your part and vote. Most citizens do not seize the opportunity to vote in the primary election. Considering how few people do vote in the primaries, your individual vote actually is worth that much more.

The Gazette has been running many stories regarding the candidates that you can read to familiarize yourself with the candidates, if you have not already done so (to see any issue of the Gazette, visit QGazette.com and click on the archives). Also, when scrolling through Facebook and other social media networks, chances are at least one or two posts will concern the election or politics in general. Taking some time to read up on the candidates in your districts can certainly benefit all voters and the entire state as a whole.

Voting is important for the community, and citizens should unite in the name of their city, state and country. Do come out and vote, it is important.

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