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The Upcoming Primary Contest

The upcoming Primary Contest has been scheduled for Thursday, September 13 (NOT on a Tuesday) and consists of the following offices and positions:

Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
State Senator
Member of the Assembly
Female State Committee
Male State Committee
Female District Leader
Male District Leader
Female County Committee
Male County Committee

Democratic Candidates:
Governor – Citywide: Andrew M.
Cuomo and Cynthia E. Nixon
Lieutenant Governor – Citywide:
Kathy C. Hochul and Jumaane Williams
Attorney General – Citywide: Leecia
R. Eve, Letitia A. James, Sean Patrick
Maloney, Zephyr Teachout
State Senator – 11th Senatorial District: Tony Avella, John Liu
State Senator – 13th Senatorial District: Jose R. Peralta, Jessica Ramos
Member of the Assembly – 30th Assembly District: Brian T. Barnwell,
Melissa Sklarz

Member of the Assembly – 33rd Assembly District: Oster G. Bryan, Clyde
Member of the Assembly – 39th Assembly District: Catalina Cruz, Ari Espinal, Yonel E. Letellier Sosa

Republican Candidates:
State Senator – 11th Senatorial District: Simon H. Minching, Vickie Paladino State Senator – 15th Senatorial District: Slawomir W. Platta, Thomas P.

Reform Party Candidates:
Attorney General – Citywide Mike
Diederich, Christopher B. Garvey,
Nancy B. Sliwa
Member of the Assembly – 33rd Assembly District: Oster G. Bryan, Lalita
L. Etwaroo
Member of the Assembly – 40th Assembly District: John N. Scandalios (unopposed)

Working Families Party Candidates: Member of the Assembly – 28th Assembly District: Andrew Hevesi (unopposed)

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