2018-09-05 / Editorials

Jewish New Year 2018

This coming Sunday evening, September 9, is the annual celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the day in which the Jewish community comes together to celebrate the birth of the universe and the day Adam and Eve came into the world. The celebration commences at sundown Sunday evening and comes to a close at sundown on Tuesday, September 11. Common traditions and rituals in Jewish homes include prayer services, candle lightings and festive meals, including sweet challah bread. An important ritual is the sounding of the shofar, or ram’s horn in the synagogue on both days to symbolize the trumpet sounding at a king’s coronation. Not only is this day considered the universe’s birthday, it is also considered Jewish New Year, as Rosh Hashanah literally translates to “Head of the Year,” according to chabad.org. According to Chabad, “It is a day of prayer, a time to ask the Almighty to grant us a year of peace, prosperity, and blessing… (and) a joyous day when we proclaim God King of the Universe.”

The New Year is a time for happy thoughts and new beginnings, and we want to wish everyone a peaceful and joyous New Year. At the same time however, we must also acknowledge a sad ending as we say goodbye, with heavy hearts, to Ben’s Best of Rego Park, one of the city’s few remaining kosher delicatessens, and a lifelong institution for many of us. Ben’s Best will be missed tremendously. Thank you, Jay Parker, for years of keeping the traditions alive and delicious.

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