2018-08-29 / Editorials

Working On Learning

September is upon us and that means two things: Back to School and Labor Day. We know so many have mixed feelings about school. The children and older students are probably not that thrilled vacation is over. Parents are mostly happy their restless children will get back into a structured day, live a bit more productively, see friends they’ve been missing and most importantly: learn! We hope all the children get the attention they need, and that all the teachers get the support they need so they can bring their best to each and every child. May the children not only accumulate much general information about this world we live in, but also learn about themselves, and learn how to learn efficiently and eventually on their own. A major part of keeping oneself informed nowadays requires the ability to find reliable information, and most importantly, learn to analyze information. In the digital age, information has never been more abundant, but we do need to be able to “consider the source,” and use our own reasoning faculties to discern fact from fiction and dispense with so much nonsense that is out there.

We also want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day, the first holiday of the school year. Perhaps these two holidays were meant to be concurrent, as specialized work requires a strong educational foundation. Ironically, though it is Labor Day, there are many who will still be working, in order to keep the rest of us safe, healthy, able to travel; those who work in retail or restaurants, or the many other service industries, who help the rest of us with any other necessities. Labor Day is not just about putting away summer whites and partying, but about appreciating the work that everyone does to keep us all alive and thriving. To those who have jobs, let us just say: work hard, work smart, never give up your goals, but do take breaks, and give yourself a figurative break as well, when things are not happening fast enough. We wish for everyone to do the work they were meant to do, developing and honing their God-given gifts for the good of us all. And we hope you all enjoy the barbecues, parties, street fairs, sales, and whatever else they have planned for the long weekend.

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