2018-08-29 / Editorials

Welcome, Tennis Fans!

Until September 9, Queens is Tennis Heaven. Home of the US Open, tennis fanatics from around the world are converging here, at Arthur Ashe stadium, the largest tennis stadium in the world, for one of the highest-attended sporting events in the world. We are very happy to welcome back many world-renowned champions as well as exciting new players on the scene, and we are thrilled to have them here. Not only do we get to see our favorite borough on the world map, but we get to welcome visitors from around the world to our hotels and restaurants, and other entertainment venues when fans are not at matches. They will be boosting our local economy in a major way, and we will enjoy making new friends with those who love tennis as much as we do. Do enjoy this supremely iconic tournament that only happens here, whether you go to matches, or watch on TV, at home, parties or in clubs.

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