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NYC DOT Begins Rollout Of Parking Rate Increases

As announced earlier this year, parking meter rates will be adjusted for the first time since 2013 for both passenger and commercial vehicle zones throughout the city; in September, changes will come to Brooklyn and continue on a rolling basis across the city through the end of the year.

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) announced on August 9 that it would begin to implement previously announced parking meter rate increases. The parking meter rate increases will affect both passenger and commercial vehicle areas. The amount of the rate change varies by location and meter type (commercial vs. passenger), and should be complete by the end of the year.

In Manhattan’s core (parts of Lower Manhattan and Midtown to 59th Street), commercial meters will increase by two dollars from $4, $5, and $6 for the first, second, and third hour to $6, $7, and $8, and go up one dollar per hour elsewhere below 96th Street. Passenger parking meter rates in this core will increase from $3.50 per hour to $4.50 and from $3.50 per hour to $4.00 per hour elsewhere south of 96th Street. From 96th to 110th Streets rates will increase from $1.50 to $2.50 per hour. A new, progressively priced second hour of passenger parking will be provided for $7.50 in the Manhattan core and $6.75 in the rest of Manhattan below 96th Street, to offer a little extra time for those who need it while still promoting curb availability. In the remainder of the city, outer-borough core area rates will increase from $1.00 per hour to either $1.25, $1.50 or $2.00 per hour.

The rollout of the new rates is taking place on a rolling basis. The full rollout list is as follows (by official start date): Brooklyn – September 4; Manhattan – October 1; Queens – November 1; Bronx – December 3; Staten Island – December 3.

Parking meters play a critical role in providing an efficient street network, allowing for the efficient delivery of goods and services, as well as providing curb turnover as a resource for customers to access storefront businesses. DOT first informed elected officials of the rate changes in April and also noted the planned changes at its May 2018 City Council Executive Budget Hearing. The modest increases announced on August 9 bring New York City parking rates more in line with those of peer cities, as well as better reflect the market demand for parking.

All parking payment options will remain the same at NYC Muni-Meters: coins, credit and debit cards, as well through the use of ParkNYC mobile app.

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