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Deasura just opened on August 3rd and is already attracting attention from its Forest Hills neighbors who are curious about this new eatery. The intriguing name, Deasura, comes from the Great Mother Goddess of Syria in antiquity, also worshipped by ancient Romans. Personally, I think you will worship the delicious Mediterranean food served here in a warm, friendly environment. Glazed brick walls are adorned with antique mirrors and artwork, including a handcrafted tapestry depicting the “Tree of Life.”

Deasura is a family affair, led by sister and brother Maram and Mohannad “Moe” Jdeed, who came from Syria three decades ago bearing family recipes for their delectable dishes. After many years of success with her financial district restaurant called “Al Fanoose”, Maram took her famous falafel recipe and all the rest to Forest Hills to our delight. They couldn’t be more welcoming and warmer to all their guests, and treat everyone like family. Even as their own family comes in to dine.

The secret to the delicious food is that everything is made on the premises from scratch, including the bread called “pide”, and the secret recipe falafel which is made from 100% chickpeas and is vegan approved. In fact, there are many options for vegetarians and vegans, and they are thoughtful enough to have two fryers; one for meat and one for vegetable, to accommodate all their diners. All are welcome here. Start with a bowl of healthful red lentil soup simmered with garlic, onion, coriander, red pepper and cumin, finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon that will restore your soul. Cold appetizers or “meze” include house-made hummus, delicately flavored with garlic; baba ganouge eggplant salad with lemon, garlic, and tahini; and a classic Mediterranean dip called foul mudammas: a mix of fava beans, chick peas, tomato, parsley and mint. Deasura’s tabbouleh is a fresh and healthy parsley salad, made to order, that helps cleanse your body while it delights your palate. Hot “meze” include delicate pastry called sambousak, some filled with homemade Syrian cheese and others filled with ground lamb and spices. I loved both equally, as I enjoyed the meat kibbeh pastry scented with mint and coriander, and the vegetarian version filled with Swiss chard and spinach.

Don’t miss Maram’s famous falafel made from scratch.

Whether you order these tender croquettes as an appetizer, in a sandwich, or on a platter, these falafel are full of flavor from chick peas and special spices, and platters are beautifully presented with a garnish of pickled vegetables and fresh mint from their garden.

Next came Deasura’s incredible chicken and beef shish kebabs and shwarma. I finally learned that shwarma is chicken, beef, or lamb that has been marinated in herbs and spices for one to three days before a pass on the grill. The marinade renders this meat beyond tender, juicy, and flavorful. Deasura’s homemade bread called pide, is so light that you can see through it, yet it’s sturdy enough to hold and fold up chunks of delectable meat along with rice, bulgur, grilled vegetables and sauce for a handful of goodness. Entrees come with your choice of irresistible rice and lentils topped with caramelized onion, bulgur wheat with tomato, onion, and pepper, or grilled vegetables like eggplant. Each platter comes with a variety of house made sauces that includes yogurt and cucumber, spicy sauce, vegan tahini, and vegan garlic whip which tastes sensational on the meats off the grill. If you prefer not to eat meat, there are fish options as well, and a host of vegetarian entrées.

Sweeten your palate with fresh-from-the-oven baklava, Syrian style, scented with rose water and exceptionally delicious. There’s also kateyef or Syrian style crepes filled with your choice of sweet cheese or chocolate, or cool, creamy rice pudding, scented with orange water.

A meal at Deasura is fit for the goddesses and gods in us all, so don’t hesitate to visit or call for an order to pick up on your way home from work. You’ll be warmly welcomed and delighted by the freshness and healthiness of the food served here. For now, you may BYOB or enjoy a traditional yogurt drink or tea. Deasura is a restaurant dedicated to your good health!

100-05 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills  718.480.8567


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