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Nicole Stevenson

Former radio host of First Cut and founder of Profile magazine, Nicole Stevenson is a self-published author of four books. She has recently released her first children’s book, “Diamond’s Kindergarten Madness,” which tells the story of a five-year-old entering school for the first time when her mind starts playing tricks on her. “There are tips on how to alleviate stress—yes, our little ones feel stress too,” says Nicole, adding “Children are my hearts, as a mom of four, teacher and host of Reading Is Key To Success,” a book fair that has brought many talented individuals to her children’s school, including some who work in Hollywood. “Diamond’s Kindergarten Madness” has five-star reviews on Amazon and the main character has been turned into a one-of-a-kind doll, custom made by the Christian Crochet Addict. Nicole’s other three books are for adults, and are written under the name Nicole Matthews.

Nicole is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens, “where creativity is born,” she always says. She is a self-taught artist and the host of On The Wall, live interviews she does on Facebook (since 2012, before Facebook was ever live), with a variety of talents, including legends. She has interviewed actress/comedian Rain Pryor, Ne-Yo, painter Danny Simmons, legend Valerie Simpson, Ron Ferdinand, the illustrator for the popular Dennis the Menace comics, Grammy Award-winning songwriter Gordon Chambers, and more. Nicole Stevenson is a lover of the arts who is on a journey to inspire others, and she is succeeding. She is available for speaking engagements, book signings, parties, and more. Contact her at Stevenson15n@aol.com

QG: You’ve recently published “Diamond’s Kindergarten Madness.” What inspired you to write this book?

NS: My daughter Diamond inspired me, and also my desire to put an end to procrastination.

QG: You have three other books to your credit. Tell us about them.

NS: My first book is a book, of poetry which I co-authored with Betty M. Stephen, “Broken Promises.” The second book which I wrote under Nicole Matthews, “Beyond the Pulpit,” tells the story of a seemingly mismatched couple in the church, and the trials their marriage goes through. It has five-star reviews on Amazon. The third book is the sequel “For Worse,” which leaves you asking, When the worst has happened, who will you become?

QG: When/how did you begin your journey as an author?

NS: My journey as an author began in 2009. At that time I was starting up my magazine, Profile, and had all these stories in my head.

QG: Tell us a little bit about your book fair, Reading is Key to Success.

NS: My book fair started eight years ago. I wanted the students at my children’s school, True Deliverance, to love reading as much as I do. So since I was a former radio host and founder of Profile and its Prism Awards, I knew a lot of folks. I thought it be great to have them come out and volunteer in the school, encouraging the students to look at careers in the arts.

QG: Do you have any new projects in the works?

NS: Yes, I’m working on making Diamond a household name and a series about her first experiences in school, a big project and more manuscripts.

QG: What are your favorite things to do and places to go in Queens?

NS: My favorite things to do involve enjoying the arts with my family: going to Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) and the New York Hall of Science with my family. We enjoy the NYC parks, Queens Zoo and activities that involve family time here in the city.

—Annette Hanze Alberts

This column was originated in July, 2013 by Nicollette Barsamian.

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