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Actress Eyed In Dutch Kills Burglary

NYPD investigators have some questions for actress Sean Young, who portrayed an android in the 1982 sci-fi film classic “Blade Runner,” after she was caught with an accomplice on surveillance video burglarizing a Long Island City movie studio, police said. Young, 56, and an accomplice were captured on the surveillance tape on August 9 allegedly burglarizing the School of Old/Pendragon Pictures production office on 36th Avenue near 33rd Street in the Dutch Kills section of Long Island City.

The actress and her accomplice, who police believe is her son, can be seen at about noon on August 9, carrying furniture and wrapped bundles from the rental studio space, including video production software and a pair of MacBooks—property valued at $12,000, police said. The break-in took place while the production crew was filming in Astoria Park, a police source said.

Police believe the accomplice climbed to the roof of the building where he entered the studio through a bathroom window, then opened the door to let Young inside. Young has so far refused an offer of amnesty from the production company if she returns the stolen items, the source said.

Young’s publicist released a statement on August 10 in which the actress described the break-in as a “misunderstanding.” Young stated that she believed the two laptops were hers—and that she had left them behind after the production company fired her in March.

Young said she would return the two laptops in exchange for hers.

Young and her son had not been arrested or charged with any crime as of August 12.—Liz Goff

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