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This July Set To Be Safest On Record In City


A 2% drop in the number of index crimes recorded last month compared to the number compiled in July 2017 makes July 2018 the safest on record putting the city on track to finish 2018 with under a total of 100,000 index crimes for only the second time since the NYPD began using Comp-Stat to record crime.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner James P. O’Neill made the announcement at NYPD’s monthly crime statistics report on August 2.

“We’re on a pace right now to do what we did last year, to have the safest year in New York City history for the people of this city since the (1950s era) Cold War,” said Mayor de Blasio. “(That’s) how far back you have to go to find times that equate to this in terms of keeping crime down.”

Chief of Crime Control Strategies Lori Pollock elaborated on the achievement: “To be within reach of the 100,000 number for the second time in the CompStat era is absolutely remarkable.”

“For the month of July, we recorded 8,500 index crimes or 157 less than last year’s record low of 8,657 for the month, a 2% decrease,” she said. “Through the end of July (Year-to-Date), we have recorded 53,937 index crimes. To give a little perspective, in 1994 in July (alone) we had 33,782 and we finished last year with a little over 96,000. We have currently recorded 911 fewer crimes than last year, representing a 1.7% decrease year-to-date.

“(In July), we tied the record for the lowest number of murders for any July,” said Chief Pollock, adding, 24 murders were recorded in July, down 37% from July 2017 when 38 murders were recorded and that, year-to-date, there have been 171 murders, down from 174 during the same period of time last year.

“Historically the summer months have the highest number of shooting incidents,” she said noting July averaged 104 shootings over the last five years. “In 2014 in July, we saw 134 shootings; in 2015, 117 shootings; this July we are up 11 incidents, 90 versus 79 (but) still unbelievably low compared to last July which was the lowest number ever recorded for shootings in July,” she said, noting, “We are currently at a record-low in year-to-date shootings with 428 incidents compared to 439 last year.”

Commissioner O’Neill credits a “precise focus on the real drivers of crime” as enabling NYPD to continue reducing the number of shootings and murders.

“But with these remarkable gains we’re making, even against already record-lows, it means that achieving further declines in crime and violence gets more difficult each year. So, everyone must participate. No one can retreat. Together – all 8.6 million New Yorkers, in every neighborhood – that’s how we’re making our way forward.”

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