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A New Beginning at Mattituck New York Transfiguration Church Festival

By Catherine Tsounis

Rev. Fr. Ignatios J. Achlioptas in office
Rev. Fr. Ignatios J. Achlioptas in office “This year the church in Mattituck decided to put on a Greek Festival July 21 thru July 22nd. This festival is for the whole community and hopefully opportunity for those outside of the Greek community have a chance to visit us and to able to see our beautiful church, to eat some Greek food and enjoy the music, and dancing,” said Rev. Fr. Ignatios J. Achlioptas, Presiding Priest of the Transfiguration of Christ Greek Orthodox Church at 1950 Breakwater Road, Mattituck, NY. The two-day event was held on church grounds FREE to the community. Delicious Food, pastries, live music and a Greek Marketplace with numerous vendors and pony rides were offered. Asteri Entertainment had outstanding vocalists and band that played continuous music all Saturday night. Church tours were available at transgochurch@optimum.net. The Transfiguration Church invites all to follow online at FB@TOCCMattituck.

The vendors had exceptional quality merchandize. They included: Greek Art Corner, Fund drive
Fund drive https://greekartcorner.com/; Fiore Collection,  www.facebook.com/fiore.collections; Treasures Nature; http://treasuresbynature.net/ and Vasiliki Lagis’ Genuine Leather at https://www.facebook.com/VasilikiLagisHandbags/.
Greek Art corner had icons  100% handmade. Her icons are used in centerpieces, wedding and baptismal favors used by members of the community. Greek Art Corner deals in wholesale  business. It is an online store. Contact sales@greekartcorner.com or call 1 347 7726019. Clients of Fiore Collection believe  she has “awesome jewelry, with unique pieces and great quality. Email at fiorecollections@gmail.com and 917/335.2170. Shoreline Clothing, Signature designs for the beach, boat and beyond, necklaces and accessories of sea glass, hand-picked from Mattituck, NY beaches was shown by Treasures Nature. Visit at http://treasuresbynature.net/ or call 516 355-1004. “Vicky's selection of handbags is outstanding… quality of leathers used is comparable to that of top designers found in high end department stores, yet her prices are more than reasonable,” said Facebook reviewer of Vasiliki Lagis Handbags. Contact vendor at designervix85@yahoo.com or call 516 830-0888.

Chris A. Theodorou, Vice president of Chase Bank, Mattituck for 8 years helps Church Festival
Festival members. “We welcome all to our bank in Mattituck,” he said. “My father is from Cyprus, of a village 30 minute from Paphos. Alina, a staff member who is an immigrant from Moscow, Russia, is an active member. Albina, a staff member, who is Bulgarian Orthodox, had her first-born son baptized the Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church.” Russia and former soviet Bloc countries are Orthodox Christian nations. Very Reverend Father Eugene Pappas, Archimandrite,  at his recent Cosmos FM broadcast said, “the Russian government has pledged to build 1,000 new Orthodox churches.”
Souvlaki was the main food attraction. Archaeological findings and writings show that it comes from the ancient Greeks. It was known as obeliskos (the diminutive of obelos – spit), mentioned in the works of Aristophanes, Xenophon, Aristotle and others. A meat and bread recipe which resembles the way pita souvlaki is served today with pita bread was also attested by Athenaeus in his “Deipnosophistae”. “According to archaeological finds, the inhabitants of Greece are one of the first people in the world who cut and baked several meats almost four millennia ago, applying a new cooking method to the traditional boiling process of the Neolithic Age.”

Icon from Greek Art Corner.
Icon from Greek Art Corner. “The skewered meat recipe existed as a favorite in Rev. Fr. Ignatios J. Achlioptas greeting Myrna Sakatos and all Festival participants.
Rev. Fr. Ignatios J. Achlioptas greeting Myrna Sakatos and all Festival participants. ancient Greece during Archaic times, with the earliest references in Homer. However, excavations held in Akrotiri on Santorini by professor Christos G. Doumas, unearthed stone sets of barbecues for skewers (Greek: krateutai) used before the 17th century BC and were popular before the disastrous eruption of the island’s volcano. Even later, during the Byzantine era, references describe street vendors selling souvlaki with pita in Constantinople.”1Everyone watched the expert chefs create a souvlaki in pita bread with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki on the side.

Saint’Apollinare Basilica in Classe mosaic apse 6th century, that reminded me of our Transfiguration Church, MattituckSaint’Apollinare Basilica in Classe mosaic apse 6th century, that reminded me of our Transfiguration Church, MattituckThe rich iconography in traditional Byzantine style of the Mattituck Church is not commonly seen. In my recent trip “In the Footsteps of Byzantium” of Northern Italy, I saw Saint’Apollinare Basilica in Classe mosaic apse 6th century, that reminded me of our Transfiguration Church, Mattituck. The imagery depicts the event and meaning of the Transfiguration of  Christ, with the prominently displayed jeweled Byzantine cross.

“This will be a great chance for everyone to gather and support our church and to rekindle Dancers at Festival
Dancers at Festival past friendships and make new ones,” said Rev. Fr. Ignatios J. Achlioptas . “I looked forward to greeting and meeting everyone and an opportunity to express my gratitude and thankfulness for all those who worked so hard to put this event together and a chance to see new faces to welcome them here at our parish .

Geros Tou Morea chapter Astoria, of the Arcadian Federation.
Geros Tou Morea chapter Astoria, of the Arcadian Federation. As I complete my year as the new pastor, I am excited to say that this festival will be a building stone to building community, which is our theme this year for our capital campaign, to making it a parish for everyone and hoping that those searching for a church or any visitor to become active participants in our parish and ministries.  Transfiguration means to transform and in my year of service and looking forward great progress and much success has been accomplished making this great Mattituck Parish a vibrant and meaningful place of worship, learning and community. To a Great Festival and to all who come a chance to enjoy your new beginning and to be inspired of our faith and culture
1.     http://greece.greekreporter.com/2018/07/15/the-ancient-roots-of-greek-so...

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