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Port Authority Cracks Down On Illegal Cabbies

Port Authority police are ramping up enforcement of illegal drivers who illegally solicit passengers at local airports.

The move comes days after unlicensed livery driver Marco Morales-Carrillo, 32, was caught by Port Authority police illegally soliciting a ride at a Queens airport.

The move comes after unlicensed livery driver Marco Morales-Carrillo, 23, sped away from Port Authority police at LaGuardia Airport on July 10th and sailed off a second-floor departure ramp, landing on a vehicle parked below, PAPD police said.

Morales-Carrillo’s car slammed into the roof of a car parked below, causing him serious head injuries, PAPD said. His car rolled into a roadway, where he managed to exit the vehicle and stumble to a nearby SUV that was driven by his wife. The pair sped from the scene, but were arrested a short distance away, when the SUV was entangled in airport traffic, police said.

Morales-Carrillo was charged with numerous counts including reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and unlawful solicitation at a transportation facility. Police said this was the fourth time Moirales-Carrillo was arrested for trolling fares at the airport.

Police said many of the drivers work with “steerers” who direct passengers from the airport baggage claim area to the illegal rides. The practice targets passengers who are unfamiliar with the airport, who would otherwise be directed to “safe, secure, authorized locations” for pickup.

PAPD officials are working with the Queens District Attorney’ office to increase fines and penalties that would deter the drivers from targeting unsuspecting travelers.

The plan is getting an almost unanimous thumbs-up from passengers and Yellow Cab drivers at LaGuardia who say they’re sick and tired of being taken-in by the illegal drivers who are usually unlicensed and/or uninsured.

–Liz Goff

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