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City Refugee/Immigrant Job Center Relocates To LIC

By Liz Goff
A city center charged with helping refugees and immigrants secure employment was relocated recently to a municipal building in the Dutch Kills section of Long Island City, officials said.

The Human Resources Administration’s (HRA) Refugee and Immigrant Job Center has relocated its offices from Third Avenue in Brooklyn to 32-20 Northern Boulevard, where counselors will be able to provide an “improved experience, with an array of support and services to refugees and immigrants” seeking to obtain self-sufficiency, HRA officials said in a prepared statement.

The agency chose to move the center to the new location for its convenient access to public transportation, HRA said. The new center is outfitted with a number of tools that will guide applicants to benefits that may help them to adjust in their new surroundings.

“At a time. when the message from the government is that immigrants are not welcome, we reiterate our commitment to serving all New Yorkers who qualify for assistance and to making that service as easy and convenient as possible,” city Department of Social Services commissioner Steven Banks said. “Relocating the Refugee and Immigrant Job Center gives clients access to many of our recent self-service improvements at a location that is easy to reach.”

The location, home to an NYC Family Services Call Center and a “SNAP” Benefit Center, also features self-service kiosks and document scanners, HRA said. Staff will assist clients with casework and employment plans and help they apply for benefits and cash assistance, and to create online accounts where they can track their progress.

City Councilmember Jimmy Van Braymer said the center sends a message to immigrants and refugees that they are welcome here.

“This new center is located in the heart of our diverse city – Queens,” Van Braymer said. “As we fight to protect every immigrant and refugee from a hostile administration in Washington, D.C., we need to make sure that we have the ground work and infrastructure that is ready to provide services necessary to aide in the success of all.”

The HRA Refugee and Immigrant Job Center is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information visit www.nyc.gov/hra.

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