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Sunnyside Brothel Busted

Queens Vice cops shuttered a Sunnyside Spa on July 12th, where they say employees were giving customers more than a massage.

Cops said the Sunny Spa at 45-09 40th Street in Sunnyside drew complaints from neighbors and local businesses shortly after it opened in 2011, when people noticed strange goings-on inside the location, and the owners placed questionable flyers around the neighborhood.

“People also started notifying local police about the spa after they saw ads with the same questionable messages appearing online,” a police source said.

The Vice cops posted notices on a gate outside the spa on July 12th, saying the owners were operating a house of prostitution at the location. Police raided the spa in the early morning hours of July 12th, where they arrested several Asian women, spa employees, and one of the operators, a police source said.

“It’s good that they’re gone from here,” a neighbor said. “But anybody with half a brain knows they’re going to pack up here and open somewhere else next week. It’s a losing battle.”

–Liz Goff


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