2018-07-18 / Editorials

It’s Summer, Dare To Eat A Peach!

Eating healthy food is a good way to avoid many chronic health issues that can crop up from poor eating habits. An extremely pleasant way to do this is to take advantage of all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables now in season and easily obtained near you. Dare to eat a peach! Dig into that juicy watermelon with gusto! Keep it simple and snack on an orange or banana, or dip apple slices into peanut butter instead of chips and dips. If you crave the crunch of chips, how about homemade guacamole and a blue corn chips? It’s super easy to make, especially now that ripe avocados are so easy to find. It is full of vitamins and satisfies with healthy fats. Don’t forget the cilantro for that extra zing and shot of vitamins. Another tasty snack is melon chunks and grapes with thin slices of hard, aged cheeses like parmesan, asiago or romano. The intense flavor of those cheeses lets you eat smaller amounts without feeling deprived. You’ll find fruit actually satisfies a sweet tooth, rather than pulling you into a cycle of refined sugar consumption, like you get with cakes and sodas. Sometimes we turn up our nose at salads, but they are bursting with vitamins and fill you up with healthy fiber. Many fine restaurants offer a tempting array of salads, which can include seafood, chicken, nuts, seeds, cheeses, fruit, avocados, arugula, celery, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, pickled peppers, black olives—you name it! At home you can get creative in your choices of salad ingredients and mix up a fresh dressing with lemon or vinegar and olive oil, and/or fun flavors like hummus, or yogurt, soy sauce, or miso paste. We like a simple dressing of oil, vinegar and soy sauce. Try it! Many fresh dressing ingredients also contain nutrients and antioxidants, and you will crave less junk when you are well nourished. Enjoy the fresh flavors while treating your body right and setting a good example for the kids. These habits will likely carry on throughout the year and you will look forward to seeking out what each new season brings to your favorite produce market. We took our own advice while putting this health-minded issue together and we hope you get a lot out of it!

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