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Letters to the Editor

Post Primary Plea

To The Editor:

After viewing the concession speech of Michael Grimm on Staten Island who overstepped his bitter opposition to incumbent Dan Donovan to call for his party’s unity, I am struck with a compelling urge to speak to Democrats with the same message and fervor. While he strives to bring unity to “protect the president,” I am urgently asking that the Democrats UNITE for the values of the party instead of the pettiness of political squabbles and power plays. The last major power play that unfolded on the national stage helped to put the current president in the White House. Examine what democracy means and consider the fact that some of this country’s worst episodes of the past are currently being relived as a new chapter: the “Trail of Tears” that forced the first people of this continent out of their homeland; the slavery, lynching and rape of African Americans living in servitude on American soil; the Japanese internment camps after Pearl Harbor that incarcerated American citizens; the imprisonment and forced feeding of women demanding equal rights; the Exclusion Act of 1924 which barred those of Asian descent from entering the country; the environmental devastation of the “Dust Bowl” that affected “100 million acres of land” and created hardship for countless individuals and families before the understanding about ecology was applied to solving a problem that was a clear and present danger. We are facing the worst nightmares of our country’s past: the effects of rezoning, gerrymandering and gentrification that creates massive homelessness and displacement for the working class and vulnerable poor, forcing people and small businesses out of their homes and communities where they have lived and worked; using mass incarceration and detention as solutions to problems created by maintaining a permanent underclass, operationalizing race hatred and justifying class discrimination; turning a blind eye to the modern slavery of human trafficking and exploitation even when it is hiding in plain sight; ignoring the findings related to climate change and environmental threats in favor of fracking and other ecological insults.

Democracy can’t wait, and the Republic is in grave danger so, again I say to those who value liberty over profit and gain: Believe in our innate humanity and human rights; stand for the leadership that comes from strength of character and not the right of might, and in the words of Lennon and McCartney, “Come together…right now” over the midterm elections!

Dr. Sharon M. Cadiz
Long Island City

Applauds Children’s Rallies

To The Editor:

I applaud the large turnout for the rallies and marches and demonstrations concerning the treatment of the children who are taken from their parents when they cross the border. The children are not at fault.

Words are not enough to stop the shootings and killings and something serious must be done to stop guns or automatic rifles or machine guns from being put in the hands of young people. This is a serious matter.

The tariffs are affecting the life of the world and (I am) fearful of a depression or recession.

I am so sad about the passing of the fire chief who was 63 years old, due to cancer as a result of being a first responder at the World Trade Center site. Sad to say this was a premature death and so many people suffered from cancer and other respiratory diseases as a result of working in that rubble. May his memory be for a blessing.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

Lanes Congest Traffic

To The Editor:

Big Apple traffic congestion is a citywide issue that has grown over time and impacts local business. (Ben’s Deli Closes by Jason Antos, July 4). Consider the connection between reduction in traffic speed and its relationship to the corresponding loss in street capacity which a recent report released by the New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg chooses to ignore. In NYC over the past seventeen years under Mayors Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio, hundreds of miles of traffic lanes have been eliminated. This was due to the dramatic increase in the introduction of bike lanes and street calming projects. Forcing buses to share less street space with cars, taxis, Uber, UPS, Fed Ex and with other delivery and commercial along with municipal vehicles has contributed to a decline in traffic speed for everyone in all five boroughs. It has also resulted in increased conflicts with pedestrians. This is just like cholesterol build-up resulting in hardening of the arteries. All of this contributes to increased gridlock, pollution and adverse impacts to local business which counts on timely pick up and deliveries along with adequate parking for customers. (Just ask Ben’s Deli of Queens Blvd. and many other small business owners in all five boroughs).

Larry Penner
Great Neck

Pomonok Family Day

To The Editor:

Pomonok Houses is a NYCHA development located in Flushing. Pomonok Houses has 2,071 apartments which house over 4,000 residents. Within the NYCHA umbrella we emerge as Pomonok Residents Association: a community board consisting of five elected board members dedicated to serving the residents of Pomonok Houses by fostering relationships with our district leaders, community organizations and neighboring businesses, all of whom bring new and innovative opportunities to our community. As a community liaison, the Pomonok Residents Association strives to promote neighborliness among residents to improve the living conditions and quality of life for the residents of Pomonok Houses and the surrounding communities. While we are constantly looking to bring new opportunities to our community and residents we host an annual community event we call “Family Day.” Resident volunteers cook for the community, our local politicians speak, we supply entertainment and invite various sponsors to bring awareness to our residents.

This year, Pomonok Houses will be celebrating its 66th Anniversary and we will have a list of special invited sponsors to help us achieve our goal. NYCHA, NYPD, DEP, OEM, Foundation for A Drug Free World, Diaspora, Kellerman Insurance and a host of others have participated in this very special annual event.

We would like to extend an invitation to your organization to table our event as we believe your organization could greatly impact our community.

This year “Pomonok Houses 66th Anniversary Family Day” will be held on Saturday, August 4, from 12-7 pm, located at 67-20 Parsons Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367.

We will provide tables and chairs as needed. We ask that you bring literature and your expertise to engage residents and also provide us with your company logo to be placed in the brochure for this year’s event.

We look forward to working with you as we strive to improve the quality of life for our community and our residents.

Tamika Williams-Moore, President
Pomonok Residents Association

Chian Scholarship

To The Editor:

The Board of Directors and the Chian Federation Scholarship Fund Administrative Committee are pleased to announce the inauguration of The Chian Federation Scholarship Foundation Awards, which have been made possible through generous gifts and donations from our Chian dedicated members and friends.

The Chian Federation Scholarship Foundation, one of the federation’s hallmark initiatives, supports education and the preservation of our Greek heritage and culture by instilling pride and cultivating young individuals who will give back to our community.

Scholarships will be given to students of Greek descent, as well as non-Greek students of Greek and Modern Greek Studies, and grants for academic research and publications under the guidelines set by the Chian Federation Scholarship Foundation.

Scholarship criteria and application forms will be distributed and posted on our website (www.chianfed.org). We ask for your support in encouraging eligible applicants to apply. Help us make a difference in the lives of our youth, and help the Chian Federation Scholarship Foundation grow.

We wish to give many thanks to our sponsors and all those who have made this great endeavor possible!

For additional information and opportunities to make donations, please contact The Chian Federation office at 718-204-2550 or email: chianfed@chianfed.org.

The Chian Federation

Colon Cancer Screening

To The Editor:

Colon cancer screening is now being recommended for age 45 instead of 50. The American Cancer Society has put this recommendation out because of rising cases of colon cancer for people under the age of 50. It is now the second highest cause of death in America. I myself was first tested at age 50 and polyps were discovered that were benign and non-cancerous. If I was not screened, this could have turned cancerous. I now get tested every five years and am free and clear at age 69. I did however develop prostate cancer three years ago, was treated and am in remission. Again I had been tested for that. In my opinion getting screened for colon cancer is essential for good health. These cancers are treatable if caught early. That is why I call for all men and women to get screened, for your life depends upon it and your family depends on it as well.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

Trade War

To The Editor:

As President Trump has imposed stiff tariffs on Chinese goods, and China has retaliated by doing the same to US goods, one thing is for certain: this growing trade war will not bode well for our economy as the weeks and months progress. Our economy has continued to grow steadily over the last two years, with hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created as a result of that positive growth. Now, with this trade war, all of that hard work could very easily be undone, and our economy could begin to suffer, with major job losses. The US and China must sit down and try to find a way to bring this trade war to an immediate end, because if they do not, then this will have a domino effect across the entire world, causing major problems in Europe, Asia and Africa. The world certainly cannot afford to have a major recession, because that would cause millions of people to lose their jobs and only add to political instability around the globe.

John Amato
Fresh Meadows

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