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Madame Sou Sou Café

If you can’t manage a trip to Paris this summer, a visit to Madame Sou Sou Café offers a slice of café life, Parisian style. Madame Sou Sou Café is a charming, French-inspired café and patisserie serving real, European coffee, made with an Italian made espresso machine. The catchy name, Madame Sou Sou, comes from a Greek comedy film from 1948 about a poor woman who pretends to be an aristocrat. The interior couldn’t be more enchanting, with round, brass bistro tables and black chairs, as well as a comfy love seat for quiet conversation. Antique dishes and a large mirror adorn the walls, lending a homey feeling. The outdoor scene is so relaxing, with more bistro tables and cool breezes, an ideal spot for my favorite sport: people watching.

Owner Effie and husband Ahmed opened Madame Sou Sou Café four years ago in June with the hope of creating a café where everyone would feel welcome. A native of Astoria, Effie took an intensive course in French pastry making at the French Culinary Institute and loves all things French. Indeed, you can taste it in the cakes and quiches she bakes every day. One bite of her luscious carrot cake tells the whole story. Rich devil’s food cake along with a frothy cappuccino brings you very close to heaven in Astoria. Creamy cheesecake is one of her specialties and the pistachio cake is a Mediterranean treat, paired with an iced espresso or whipped frappe. I enjoyed a slice of Effie’s marble cake and appreciated the moistness and flavor without too much sugar. Next time I’ll try the hummingbird cake if I can pull myself away from the doughnuts.

When Effie isn’t making her own treats, she brings in fine baked goods from high quality bakers such as Balthazar for croissants, and Doughnut Plant for those irresistible doughnuts. Madame Sou Sou opens at 6:00 in the morning, so stop in on your way to work for petit dejeuner, or breakfast, Parisian style. Bite into a tender, flaky almond croissant, butter croissant or pain au chocolat that will melt in your mouth. Ham and cheese croissants, sticky buns, mini scones, and apple galette along with a café Americano will jump-start your day, and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation while you enjoy it in this alluring spot. Effie makes a selection of quiches each day using organic eggs, cream, and gruyere cheese. With varieties including mushroom leek, tomato and goat cheese, Moroccan sausage, and traditional quiche Lorraine with bacon, a slice of delicious quiche makes a great lunch, along with a salad. Finish your lunch with a cup of tea or chai from the wide selection available, and a slice of orange cake or whatever special is featured and you’ll be transported to the sidewalks of Paris.

“We are proud to have transformed the neighborhood by offering a social café with a sense of community,” say Effie and Ahmed. “Hipsters, old time Astorians, families with kids…everyone stops in and comes back for the great coffee,” she adds. You can smell the tantalizing aroma wafting in the air in the morning.

Take a stroll over to Madame Sou Sou and enjoy café life and some of the World Cup, as a television was brought in to satisfy the fans during the Cup. Treat yourself to some down time and delicious baked goods

31-05 33rd Street, Astoria


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at this delightful little café which is open 7 days a week from 6:00am to 9:00pm. Ooh-la-la, you’ll love it!

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