2018-07-04 / Editorials

Celebrating And Declaring Independence

The Fourth of July, representing our nation’s birthday is our most important national holiday—and we celebrate it until the cows come home, with fireworks, parades, BBQs, pool parties, beer bashes, sales, block parties, and concerts.

Amidst all the fun and frolic, we should also take some time to focus on what we fought for, and how we can save the best of what we have achieved while we unceasingly strive toward a perfect union. We specifically mentioned “union” because no matter our differences—some innate, and some that tend to arise when people are passionate about something important—we have our foundational values to keep us on track. Our Constitution is the golden book and its authors must have been geniuses, to have anticipated nearly every contingency in the life of a country. As it evolves slowly and with much deliberation, it seems to have life itself. Certainly it is the key to the future health of our country and we cherish and rely on it to guide us as we strive for the greatest good.

In the American Revolution we fought for our freedom, the defining touchstone of our country. Freedom does not mean we do as we please in spite of how it affects others of course, and that is the fine line we must always grapple with defining. One thing is clear, the independence, or self-determination we revere, is the opposite of oppression and fascism.

We salute our Founding Fathers—and Mothers—who put everything on the line starting in 1775 and lasting until 1783 for this noble purpose. They were done with the injustices of being a colony, having the fruits of their labors unjustly taken away. They bet their lives, as they could have been executed if they lost, or killed on the battlefield as so many were; they also risked the security of their descendants who could have lost all their property. But their intuition of the righteousness of the guiding principles that led to our sacred Constitution gave them the extraordinary courage that won the day. And what better way is there to show our appreciation than to pick up the baton to preserve our traditions of equality, human rights and self-determination? We are extremely lucky to have this powerful foundation to build upon and we must protect and treasure it now and in every succeeding generation.

On this special occasion, enjoy the exciting and spectacular fireworks that symbolize the light shining through the dark of night, a symbol of our “unflagging” optimism and mutual yearning for enlightenment that brings us all together in spite of our differences. It reminds us of what the first moments of the universe must have looked like during the Big Bang. The stunningly beautiful colors glowing are like the variety of beliefs, backgrounds, talents, cultures, etc. that blend together beautifully in our great country.

We wish you a happy and patriotic Fourth of July!

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