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Crowley Concedes

Tony Barsamian, with contributions by Annette Hanze Alberts

House Democratic Caucus Chair Joseph Crowley.
Photo Tony BarsamianHouse Democratic Caucus Chair Joseph Crowley. Photo Tony BarsamianIn a stunning, shocking upset, 10-term incumbent House Democratic Caucus Chair Joseph Crowley lost the Democratic nomination to 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a former aid to Senator Ted Kennedy and Bernie Sanders organizer with no experience as an elected official.  
Congress Member Crowley, who was considered likely to be the next Democratic House speaker, conceded at his headquarters at 80-22 Northern Blvd. in Jackson Heights, at approximately 9:30 pm. He said, “It has been the honor of a lifetime to represent Queens and the Bronx. I am proud of the race we ran and, more importantly, proud of all of the work we’ve done to advance this community. I want to congratulate Ms. Ocasio-Cortez on her victory tonight. I look forward to supporting her and all Democrats this November.
“The Trump administration is a threat to everything we stand for here in Queens and the Bronx, and if we don’t win back the House this November, we will lose the nation we love. This is why we must come together. We will only be able to stop Donald Trump and the Republican Congress by working together, as a united Democratic Party.”
Virtually every elected official from Queens was in the room and every one in attendance was astonished and bewildered. Crowley remained upbeat and composed, and continued to openly interact with his supporters, even playing guitar and singing “Born to Run.”
In the Tuesday, June 26 Democratic congressional primary, three seats in Queens were up for the nomination: Crowley’s, and incumbent Congress Members Carolyn Maloney (12th CD) Congress Member Carolyn Maloney (12th CD)Congress Member Carolyn Maloney (12th CD)and Gregory Meeks (5th CD).
The unofficial reported results:
Crowley earned 42.5% of the votes (11,761), while Ocasio-Cortez received 57.5% of the ballots (15,897 votes).
Maloney won by a large margin, topping her opponent, Suraj Patel, with 58.8% (24,223) to his 41.2% (16,995 votes).
Meeks won by a landslide, with 81.5% of the vote (9,803) compared to the two other candidates, Carl Achille, 9.7% (1,163) and Mizan Choudhury, 8.8% (1,063).
The election for those and the rest of the 435 House seats (and 35 seats in the US Senate) will be held on November 6, 2018.

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