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Great Eats III: Greek-Edition


Memories! Flash back to the World War II years (1941 – 45) that spanned my age 7- 11 years. The location was just north of Hell’s Kitchen, presently home to Lincoln Center. One of the key memories during that period of time that has yet to leave me was dining out on Sundays approximately once a month. It was the Greek restaurant, The Acropolis, located on 60th Street, just west of Central Park. I wish it were still around. I can still taste the roast lamb and pastitsio, your author’s two favorite Greek dishes. Enough on the old days. On to this, the Third Edition of Great Eats.

First, there was Great Eats I. Then there was Great Eats II: Italian Restaurants (April 2017). Well, what would follow? Naturally, Great Eats III: Greek Restaurants. Most of you know that I was not only born and raised (early years) by Greek immigrant parents in Hell’s Kitchen, but also spent my formative years prior to marriage in Astoria, a colony of Greece located in Queens. (I have such fond memories of Astoria; I was extremely fortunate to spend 15 years living there.) So, if one wants to discuss Greek food, a review of Greek restaurants in Astoria would be absolutely appropriate.

Some have also referred to Astoria as a suburb of Athens and for good reason: the restaurants. My favorite is the Neptune Diner, unquestionably the best diner in New York City. But there are many other good restaurants. Here is a sampling of those to consider when in Astoria.

 Neptune Diner: It was my favorite 65 years ago and it’s still my favorite. Expansive menu. Great food. Big portions. Very reasonable prices. Comfortable. No problem parking. The avgolemono soup and chicken lemonado is the absolute best, anywhere.

 Elias’ Corner: A favorite seafood place. Upscale, great seafood, easy parking, and reasonable service.

 Stamatis: One of my favorites. Reasonable prices. Excellent food. Valet parking. I love everything on the menu. You can’t go wrong here.

 Taverna Kyclades: The seafood is great and is very reasonably priced. Comfortable inside, but long waits outside.

 Telly’s: Excellent food.

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