2018-06-27 / Editorials

It Is Good To Give Back

If you often find yourself shaking your head at the current state of our—just fill in the blank—there’s a quick way you can make a difference: volunteer. Everything takes a lot of time—and money—at the legislative level. Except volunteering. Especially in these confused times, the millions need to get mobilized. If a situation is worrisome to you, positive action is the only remedy. Getting things off your chest online is an outlet, but we are mostly communally wringing our hands, or arguing to no effect, which only adds to the frustration. It will help your mental health to actually get out there and witness your actions helping the situation. It is also heart-warming to experience the improved situation—and gratitude—of those being helped: your family, community, country, and the world. Even if you cannot meet face-to-face those you are helping to rescue, you know in your heart you’re doing good. Volunteer even works if you’re doing something you enjoy, like community gardening, playing games or singing for kids and the elderly, caring for animals, jogging and hiking, conversing with those needing practice in English or in a phone bank, cooking and serving at a soup kitchen, donating your business services and products, and more. We all know helping organizations that ask for cash donations—which we don’t always have—but they also need volunteers. We can hand out flyers for candidates we believe in, tutor kids in a subject we’re good at or interested in, collect food and other emergency supplies, sign up voters, be a Big Brother or Big Sister, clean up parks and beaches, help out animal rescue organizations, or join walkathons and other fundraisers, to name some ideas. It’s good to involve your kids as well, if you can. It would generate a feeling of caring, responsibility and respect toward their neighbors, communities, parks, the planet, the elderly, and disabled. Even if one cannot devote lots of time, everyone can give a little, maybe a few hours one weekend a month, to help those who need it. Your one drop will encourage others in your circle to do the same. Don’t be intimidated by the immensity of need. Similar to what we say about voting, every little bit helps!

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